I have the sinking feeling that my early 2011 Macbook Pro is slowly but surely reaching the end of its life. It's getting more unreliable every day, but what's worse - more & more apps are no longer compatible and I don't dare upgrade the OS. I'm waiting for the day Firefox will stop working - that happened to my mom this summer & my dad's old Macbook was only a bit older than mine. Problem is a) I no longer trust Apple as I used to and b) a newer Macbook with similar specs costs a fortune.

I'm honestly considering a switch to Linux if I can convince myself that I can still do everything I want to. In the past 2 years I've slowly moved towards choosing privacy-oriented solutions whenever I can, most notably leaving GSuite by moving to a combo of Protonmail, Nextcloud & Cryptpad. Seems to me most FOSS apps are also available for Linux, and I think switching from Photos/iMovie/iTunes etc should be possible, too. The one thing I suspect I might lose is my Bigfish games library.

@shirasade I switched over to Linux earlier this year, too. I went dual boot first, because I'm a coward, but once I set it to load into Linux by default I have spent almost no time back in Windows. Getting all my stuff set up was a pain, and I took a LOT of notes so next time I do it I don't have to do all the debugging, but now that it's set up it's pretty much smooth sailing.

@demitas What do you think, how much of a pain is it for someone like me who's not very tech-savvy? I mean, I can follow instructions, but if I need to use much command line, I'll soon hit the end of my abilities... I was thinking of dual boot to test it out, too, but I'm afraid my poor old laptop won't take it.

@shirasade You will need to use the command line on occasion, but the good news is that, for the most part, someone has had the exact same problem you're having and some kind (or condescending) soul on the internet will print out the exact commands you need to enter.

(I don't understand half of what I've typed into the console, tbh, I just hope that people aren't leading me astray. 😬)

@demitas @shirasade same here, I always just look online. I am now running a server on my old laptop on linux and have really no idea what I did, o just followed instructions lol

@shirasade @demitas There are many desktop environments out there that make it easy to configure most things via gui. For all the basic stuff you probably won’t need to touch a terminal. For everything else there are loads of friendly people out there who love to help out.
You need to accept the fact that Linux environments run a bit differently than other OSes. They are not more complicated but different. So enjoy exploring new things.

@quinnhempstead @demitas That's what I'm hoping. The whole Linux community strikes me as very active and friendly. I'm beginning to realise it's really mostly my game collection that I'll miss - but maybe if I delete everything else I can continue using my old Macbook for that purpose for a while longer.

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