So my new Dell XPS with Ubuntu arrived today, and I've been setting up stuff ever since. Far from done, but I just can't deal anymore. My main issues right now are that a) I overlooked the lack of USB-A (so no mouse), b) I can't get the KeepassXC extension to work, and c) I'm having serious problems finding the right resolution/scaling for the display. I might have to switch from GNOME if I can't find a solution for the tiny font vs. huge icons issue. Oi, what did I get myself into? *facepalm*

@shirasade Congratulations on your new achievement.
Hang in there.
For lack of USB-A): I recommend a usb-hub. Every halfway decent electronics store should have one.
B) Can’t say much about it. I have no experience with this extension.
C) It might be a good idea to do a dist-upgrade to 20.04 (LTS if that’s possible). Perhaps this helps in unlocking better scaling mechanics.

@quinnhempstead thank you! i might try upgrading, and i've ordered an usb-c to usb-a adapter. i'm pretty happy, though, all things considered - i can already use my new instead of my old laptop for most things!

@shirasade On the plus side, setup is the hardest part, and once you're through that hurdle, using it is pretty easy. 🤗

I haven't ever used the KeepassXC extension so I'm no help there, but is there maybe a desktop theme font size setting that will fix your scaling issue, rather than the resolution?

@demitas yeah, it's a pain in the neck, but so far it's actually going smoother than feared! I hope I'll figure out how to use the browser extensions for Keepass, as having to copypaste every login is annoying. For the font size, I did find the option "large" in the accessibility settings, which improves matters a little.
Altogether I'm quite happy with how the set-up process is going!

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