I... didn't know Wang Yibo looking rather fay with a blonde bob would be a Thing for me. But yes. Definitely a Thing, who'd have thunk. And boy, can he move!

It's so fucking hot, there are literally NO children on the playground. (I'm only outside bc I need to drop sth off for work.)

Verona yesterday was incredibly pretty (if touristy). Skipping the con was definitely a good idea. ;) Today we're back on our regularly scheduled fangirling, though, which will also be loads of fun, I'm sure.

Made it home at a humane time, considering I have to go to work tomorrow.

The wedding was great - saw some people again that I hadn't in years and years & met some new ones I got along with very well. Got a nice reaction to my speech & even lindy hopped with the groom.

Only wish I'd had more time with the bride, but yeah, it's been a lovely day, although unsurprisingly my social batteries are quite depleted. Now, sleep! :)

Went back to the con this morning, to see Seb's panel and catch some people I met yesterday. Now heading into Rome for a bit of a wander around, since the weather is beautiful, the con hotel has a free shuttle and I'm already here. :)

Got all my extras and caught a couple of panels (via screen, as access to panel room costs extra). Highlight was obviously the photo with SebStan, but I also fell a little in love with Ricky Whittle, who's a gorgeous goofball. And being one of only a handful of cosplayers I met so many people & never had to wait around alone. Might actually go back for a few hours tomorrow. No more extras though, need to be a responsible adult & remember that I'll have to pay for my laptop repair next week. :)

This con is so tiny, compared to what I'm used to, but hey, I found a Bucky (and apparently there's a Cap around somewhere)!

If anyone's into Lucifer or late Buffy - today at the con I got to enjoy a lovely laid-back meet & greet with D.B. Woodwise today! 🀩

Fellow fans, look what came in the mail today! I don't wear a lot of necklaces, but I love stealth fandom. 😍

Okay, so I think that's as close as I can get - I can report that he's tall (taller than his security) and that he definitely needs said security.
I also took advantage of local privilege and followed into the hotel, but was a sane human being and went to the loo instead after him up the stairs. :)

Yeah, so the Chopard booth at Baselworld is by appointment only. There's a whole bunch of Chinese girls camped out in front of it.

Listened to a podcast about today - so naturally I needed to make a gif ;)
- If Not, Winter // Fragment 38

First successful attempt to make tea eggs à la @asya 😘

It tasted yummy - I'm leaving the rest in the hot pan a bit longer, though, before transferring them to the fridge overnight. And next time I might use even more soy sauce. 😜

Now watching the first ep of Kdrama The Vampire Detective, just for the title and because Lee Joon is very pretty. So far he's not a vampire yet, but I like his partner and the girl and it's only 12 episodes altogether.

Who has free time and is getting another tattoo? πŸ˜‰ I have cartoon birds for my nephews on my back - time for a third, for my niece!

guardian ep 22 spoiler 

Tried adding some blue to my hair (as suggested by @enchantedsleeper ) - sadly, I couldn't find one for unbleached/darker hair, so it didn't change much.
But I'm kinda getting used to it - I did buy a shampoo that's supposed to wash it out faster, though, just in case it's not gone by the time I have to go back to work. πŸ˜‚ Next time I experiment with colour, I stick to my usual more natural hues...

Yeah, not so happy with this. It's very sea-weedy - more green than turquoise. I foresee a lot of pony tails in the next couple of weeks...

Recorded the today - it was fun! We share a love not just of Sherlock Holmes but fandom in general and got sidetracked a few times. :)
Also, I committed another bl , this time for Love by Chance: archiveofourown.org/works/1257
I can't help it, I find Ae and Pete utterly adorable. This is the image that spawned this:

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