@hit_the_books @lj_writes ugh, that sucks! just goes to show, though, that, no matter how far we've come in the public eye, there's still a lot of bias.

@lj_writes yeah, my discomfort was what led to me say something, because it was just so plainly snobbery and gatekeeping. :(

@ToonLink Thanks so much for the back-up, it does make me feel better. <3

@anneapocalypse yeah, it was just such an incredibly unfair remark - but now I have a stomach ache and the commenter hasn't changed their opinion. :/

Someone on TMS commented 'Shippers are the lowest form of "fans".' (scarequotes and all) - I couldn't help myself I had to reply (asking to please not generalise, especially bc shipper are majority female and/or lgbtq and often dismissed out of hand). Which of course was a mistake, because nothing gives me worse social anxiety than getting negativity in my inbox. When will I learn?

Seriously, I keep seeing these unknown names, and when I check, we're mutuals, leaving me all confused. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

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TFW someone suddenly changes their avatar and then you don't know who the hell you're talking to.

@lightning I've been on Dreamhost for over 15 years, I like it there.

Thanks, guys! In the fic there'll definitely be correct spelling, I just can't find it easily on my keyboard. I have been diving into online resources, so I know they're accepted names. Might also ask on Twitter - still have an account, albeit almost unused.
@wheeflop @nubreed

Fell down a research hole because my part of the round robin I'm organising will be based Hinemoa & Tutanekai (famous story). Knowing how important names are in Maoritanga, I just spent over two hours searching for acceptable ones. Help, folk, are Kahu & Manaaki ok for pre-contact era? @vamp @wheeflop @nubreed 🇳🇿

On the plus side, while reading up on the story, I found variants of it with a takatapui (Maori version of ) twist. Interesting... I suddenly have options! :)

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@enchantedsleeper sounds like an excellent weekend to me (a fellow introvert)!

Spent a fun hour at the police station, thanks to some fuckwit ordering stuff (men's clothes, size xxl😏) in my name. The weird/unsettling thing is that they sent the stuff to my home address (sth I rarely do bc I work), which means they know when the mail carrier comes by & grab the parcels. I only have 5 neighbours in my building, so this is an uncomfortable thought.

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Publication: "Please disable your Adblocker! We need it to fund our award-winning journalism!"

Me: *looks at Adblock icon, which is at 50 blocked scripts and counting* ... but did you really need that many?

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And I, as someone who squeezes her eyes shut tightly at even the hint of dead dove, appreciate this. 😉

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