Alright, so I looked more closely: the other tax-related vote, about more taxes for those with high incomes, was actually accepted, and the other one only declined by a tiny margin. Unfortunately that was the one that would have made a difference for me personally. *sigh*

Ugh! Just checked the results of yesterday's voting - and once again a question that would have resulted in normal people paying less taxes was declined.

What is it with Swiss people being scared of the economy suffering? I mean, we actually voted against more vacation days. So I wouldn't have expected anything else in a national vote, but this was just for my city, which is very left-leaning, so I'd been hopeful. :(

Oh no! Just got a call from the computer repair guy who's had my laptop all week - he found another serious defect and can only tell me more tomorrow (including how much it'll cost). So there goes my hope of getting my laptop back today. :(
This sucks so bad, mostly because my work laptop has a crap microphone which isn't suited for podcasting (and I already had to postpone once). Also can't vid or gif. Plus of course I have no idea whether my Macbook can even be fixed. Argh!

@phyrry @Brennuvargur @demitas
I would absolutely be up for that! And I gotta say, another plus for the show is the great fandom that's grown around it - I've met so many lovely people!

Someone left kudos on my one fic for Les Chansons d'Amour, which somehow led to me rewatching said movie. I love it so much - but I always forget how much its depiction of grief guts me every damn time. The songs are so hauntingly perfect, and all the while there's this undercurrent of hope, as expressed in the developing love story of Ismael and Erwann. And that last song never fails to give me goosebumps. "Aime-moi moins mais aime-moi longtemps."

I'm back home. The birthday party was for one of my con friends and lots of fun - and my pressie (a Tom Ellis autograph I got at the Rome convention) a great success.
Now I'm utterly exhausted, though - overall, Rome wasn't worth it, considering how much money I spent for what ended up one day of fun and a photo with SebStan. I definitely went overboard with cons this year - I have another three to go in the next 2 months. *facepalm*
Ah well, never too old to learn from experience, huh?

Went back to the con this morning, to see Seb's panel and catch some people I met yesterday. Now heading into Rome for a bit of a wander around, since the weather is beautiful, the con hotel has a free shuttle and I'm already here. :)

Got all my extras and caught a couple of panels (via screen, as access to panel room costs extra). Highlight was obviously the photo with SebStan, but I also fell a little in love with Ricky Whittle, who's a gorgeous goofball. And being one of only a handful of cosplayers I met so many people & never had to wait around alone. Might actually go back for a few hours tomorrow. No more extras though, need to be a responsible adult & remember that I'll have to pay for my laptop repair next week. :)

Sebastian Stan is even more gorgeous in person. *fans self*

This con is so tiny, compared to what I'm used to, but hey, I found a Bucky (and apparently there's a Cap around somewhere)!

I'll try to get the photo done today, so I'm dressed up. Will post a pic later. Just waiting right now, drinking Italian hot chocolate. :)

Funnily enough I'm rereading the first book right now in preparation of finally reading the rest!

It's just rather cumbersome going back and forth, local public transport (if you don't want to go to Rome) is abysmal. And it's simply too expensive - I had this sudden desire of getting a photo with Sebastian and didn't think further... But yeah, hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Thank you. We'll see I guess - I will try to get my photo tomorrow, so I have the option of spending Thursday in Rome.

Checked in at the con, but really, this whole thing is an expensive mistake. I'm staying in Fiumicino (which is a town of nothing but restaurants, no shops), not in the con hotel at the airport & Italian public transport sucks monkeyballs. Maybe if I wasn't alone I wouldn't regret this, but right now I just want to get it over with.

And now I discovered I lost my Fitbit watch. I backtracked all the way to passport check, but no dice. Fuck me, seriously, I have the worst luck with tech these days! (Incidentally, last time I lost a watch was also on the way to Rome. Weird coincidence!)

Had to get up at 4am and am now waiting for the flight to Rome - SebStan, here I come! :)
(If there's wifi at the con hotel, expect incoherent squee the next couple of days, as I'm going all by my lonesome to get a photo with Bucky. I even packed my Peggy Carter-inspired cosplay, red hat and petticoat included! *g*)

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