I have three laptops with three different operating systems spread around me, I feel like such a geek! :)
(Transferring stuff from my old Macbook Pro to my new Linux Dell, working on my Windows Lenovo because I'm doing home office.)

@demitas yeah, it's a pain in the neck, but so far it's actually going smoother than feared! I hope I'll figure out how to use the browser extensions for Keepass, as having to copypaste every login is annoying. For the font size, I did find the option "large" in the accessibility settings, which improves matters a little.
Altogether I'm quite happy with how the set-up process is going!

@quinnhempstead thank you! i might try upgrading, and i've ordered an usb-c to usb-a adapter. i'm pretty happy, though, all things considered - i can already use my new instead of my old laptop for most things!

So my new Dell XPS with Ubuntu arrived today, and I've been setting up stuff ever since. Far from done, but I just can't deal anymore. My main issues right now are that a) I overlooked the lack of USB-A (so no mouse), b) I can't get the KeepassXC extension to work, and c) I'm having serious problems finding the right resolution/scaling for the display. I might have to switch from GNOME if I can't find a solution for the tiny font vs. huge icons issue. Oi, what did I get myself into? *facepalm*

Had to buy a new bluray player, because of course everything breaks down at the same time... Okay, admittedly I bought most of my electronics when I moved back here 10 years ago, so they're about the same age. :) And hey, this time I found a player that's region-free, so now I'm able to watch my Spartacus blurays for the first time, yay! (My old player was only region-free for dvds, which I didn't know when I bought the box set.)
My bank account sure is glad I didn't get to go to NZ this year!

Move to Linux update: A bit faster than planned, but Dell had a sale that ends today, so I ordered myself an XPS 13 with Ubuntu. It's CHF 600 cheaper than an equivalent Macbook Pro. Wish me luck! :)

@quinnhempstead @demitas That's what I'm hoping. The whole Linux community strikes me as very active and friendly. I'm beginning to realise it's really mostly my game collection that I'll miss - but maybe if I delete everything else I can continue using my old Macbook for that purpose for a while longer.

@demitas What do you think, how much of a pain is it for someone like me who's not very tech-savvy? I mean, I can follow instructions, but if I need to use much command line, I'll soon hit the end of my abilities... I was thinking of dual boot to test it out, too, but I'm afraid my poor old laptop won't take it.

I'm honestly considering a switch to Linux if I can convince myself that I can still do everything I want to. In the past 2 years I've slowly moved towards choosing privacy-oriented solutions whenever I can, most notably leaving GSuite by moving to a combo of Protonmail, Nextcloud & Cryptpad. Seems to me most FOSS apps are also available for Linux, and I think switching from Photos/iMovie/iTunes etc should be possible, too. The one thing I suspect I might lose is my Bigfish games library.

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I have the sinking feeling that my early 2011 Macbook Pro is slowly but surely reaching the end of its life. It's getting more unreliable every day, but what's worse - more & more apps are no longer compatible and I don't dare upgrade the OS. I'm waiting for the day Firefox will stop working - that happened to my mom this summer & my dad's old Macbook was only a bit older than mine. Problem is a) I no longer trust Apple as I used to and b) a newer Macbook with similar specs costs a fortune.

How is it August already? That also means it's Writer's Month - I'll try to drabble each day, since I've been struggling with writer's block pretty much since March. (I wonder what happened then... /s)
You can drop requests for me here:

@alpine_thistle That sounds pretty great - and oh, it's a German show! I so rarely watch (or listen or read) German media these days...

I've completely fallen for The Old Guard - now that's a superhero movie that does things right! Great backstory, awesome women, diverse cast, lbgtq rep, black female director... and now I just learned that in the comics Quynh's name is Noriko, but they changed her because the actress is Vietnamese, not Japanese. All too often Hollywood seems to think all Asians are the same, so this just raises Greg Rucka and Gina Prince-Bythewood in my estimation even more. Can't wait for the sequel!

My least favourite type of AO3 comment isn't the hate kind, but the kind that goes "this would be really great if only you'd..." - seriously, why bother?

@Satsuma I had way too much fun creating those blends and their cover designs! :)

As I mentioned before, I made blends on - if anyone of you is interested: adagio.com/signature_blend/gro 🍡
Sadly, Shen Wei, Guo Changcheng and Sang Zan are currently unavaidable.

Some of the best money I ever spent: ordering something from Amazon I got a cheap offer for an Audible membership, along with a free credit - I used it on "Sherlock Holmes - The Definite Audio Collection", read by Stephen Fry (a huge Sherlockian himself). It contains the complete works and has been keeping me company for months now!

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