I *might* have been writing today. Partly at work (oops!), partly while watching season 6 of The 100. And yes, it's *still* that Guardian smut fic. Because smut is hard. But mostly I'm just thrilled that I've managed to write something, anything.

@popstar Seconding Janelle Monae so very much. Also, Mika, Toddrick Hall and Troye Sivan are pretty damn gay. Sam Smith, too. And Hayley Kiyoko.

@alis Heh. That's just how it goes. I just discovered, for example, that a Jalec fic I noped out of is the all-time favourite of at least two of my Jalec friends...

@TheWebRecluse Congrats on taking that hurdle - and you'll manage to fill that gap, too, I'm confident!

@demitas omg, i just read "muslim remnants" and was *very* confused/horrified for a moment, thinking you were speaking of some horror movie... *facepalm*

@alis "How long have I loved you for? Womb to tomb, sweetheart. Since before I was even here at all."
Dear god, that Stucky fic killed me dead!

A quick con report

I said I wouldn't do one of these, but then I saw some photos and figured I'd write down just a little something about this last con. Although I'm still adjusting to a med change, I had a great time with the gals from Jalec Squad - our daytrip to Verona was gorgeous, and the con in Milan was amazing.
I can't believe I've become the kind of fan who gets recognised, but while I didn't have



rec post 

rec post 

@TheWebRecluse It sucks so bad - but isn't it awesome that you're doing well now, I'm so happy for you!

@TheWebRecluse Well, considering you had years with the first part, it's incredibly impressive that you've gotten this far in such a short amount of time!

@TheWebRecluse Never having written a novel, I can't speak from experience, but I've heard several writers mention they worked with the "shitty first draft" method, i.e. you write whatever, not trying to polish or edit at all. Or maybe you could do an outline, since that helped with the first part... In any case, already wishing you good luck for the surgery!

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@lj_writes The guy at the gym assured me that I will manage the real plank eventually. Currently still struggling to achieve 1 minute baby plank, though, so that seems rather far-fetched... ;)

@TheWebRecluse Thanks for the rec, I'd never heard of the show before!

@TheWebRecluse I watched the first couple of episodes, it's really good!

@TheWebRecluse Thank you, hun! Btw, I'm currently watching the latest episode of The Inbetween. :)

I'm back home after the last con for this year - I had an excellent time with my friends and with the Shadowhunters cast (especially of course our two faves). Glad to report that except for some tiredness the med situation seems to be almost back to normal.

@lj_writes I'm very impressed by your ability to do this - I'm still struggling with what I call the "baby plank", which doesn't involve any actual babies (unlike your version *g*) but me on my knees. *facepalm*

It's been too much this spring/summer - not only financially, but physically & emotionally. Still, some great memories!

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