Rewatching Eternal Summer - and no movie has ever needed a clear-cut poly ending more. Sorry, Shane, sweetie, but a straight guy doesn't sleep with his male best friend because he's afraid to lose him, and it's entirely possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time.
(And yes, I've written that ending, but I still wish the movie had been just a smidgen braver instead of leaving it open-ended.)

I figured out a non-thirst related reason why I love Antoni so much: He's just so delightfully random and *weird*, going off on tangents at the slightest provocation - reminds me of Matt Daddario, actually, whose also a drop-dead gorgeous weirdo.

@lj_writes I really hope so - I've had to buy a new phone every two years almost since I got my first smart phone, which just sucks if you consider not just the cost but also the labour/material that go into them.

Oh dear god, ZYL looks so fucking beautiful in my town!
(They must have filmed that Wednesday evening, using all the prettiest spots.)

My phone's about to crap out on me. It's been turning off/randomly disconnecting the SIM card/not charging properly for a while now - and it's not even 2 years old (but of course Sony says the warranty is void because of a tiny scratch)!

As someone who tries to buy responsibly, I've decided to replace it with a used phone and just ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7. As much as I appreciated the compactness & long battery life of the Sony, it can't possibly be worse.

Second viewing of Captain Marvel. It's simply an altogether awesome film, definitely in my Top 5 MCU movies! (Winter Soldier/First Avenger/Black Panther/Ragnarok being the other four.)

Got my Multifandom Drabble Exchange assignment - and it's good! Will definitely be able to write something nice. :)

A little bit of light afternoon stalking โ€“ aka Zhu Yilong is in my town!!!

For the record: I'm writing this down in detail because asya and fangirlishness are complete enablers. ;)

So, last night, just as I was about to head to bed, I saw something on Tumblr about Shen Wei himself, Zhu Yilong, attending the watch & jewelry fair Base

:guardian :switzerland

Okay, so I think that's as close as I can get - I can report that he's tall (taller than his security) and that he definitely needs said security.
I also took advantage of local privilege and followed into the hotel, but was a sane human being and went to the loo instead after him up the stairs. :)

Yeah, so the Chopard booth at Baselworld is by appointment only. There's a whole bunch of Chinese girls camped out in front of it.

I honestly sat bolt-upright when I saw that post. Baselworld starts TOMORROW. I wonder if he'll be around... Seriously.

I like that they don't give a shit and aren't afraid to touch topics that usually only fanfic writers dare to: adolescent sexuality, codependent gay bank robbers, incest with a happy ending, pretending to be gay only to fall in love - you can find it all.

Taking a break from Thai BL by watching... Argentinian BL! ๐Ÿ˜œ
(Several of my favourite gay-themed films are Argentinian/Brazilian: Plan B & Hawaii, both by Marco Berger, Esteros, Do Comeรงo ao Fim, Plata Quemada - although I haven't watched the last in a while because I'm tired of Dead Gays.)

Listened to a podcast about today - so naturally I needed to make a gif ;)
- If Not, Winter // Fragment 38

And because I'm obviously not getting any work done today, I finished the second chapter of my fic: (which will have 3 chapters, because I couldn't make myself writing their first time when Jin-hyeok is drunk off his ass.)

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