Rant brought to you by a certain President's speech at the WEF in Davos 

Rant brought to you by a certain President's speech at the WEF in Davos 

More proof that grammar is important, from a handwritten ad my co-worker showed me:

We are looking for a "piano teacher" for our "son", please apply...

Someone obviously misunderstood what quotation marks are for. *facepalm*

Holy mother of... Checking my email this morning revealed an absolutely unexpected surprise: a complete stranger turned one of my drabbles into a !!! Didn't even tell me (there's a blanket permission for transformative works on my AO3 profile), just did it. There might have been dolphin noises on my part. *g*

@vamp Our brains are treacherous bastards sometimes! I've often wanted a refund for mine...

Do I need to cut for Little Women spoilers? 

@hit_the_books @vamp They do what now? I mean, I heard of it, but is that really normal now? They really have no concept of privacy. Good thing I'm not planning to go back to the US any time soon...

Do I need to cut for Little Women spoilers? 

@ToonLink <3 I'll keep an eye on my bank account, but if I can continue to pay half it should be okay. And having nice nails means fewer hangnails because I don't pick at them.

I might accidentally have turned into a woman who Gets Her Nails Done. Thing is, manicures are incredibly expensive here in Switzerland (as are most things, lbr), but I found a place where you pay half if you go to the apprentice.
So I went before Christmas for shellac nail polish, y'know, and then again before my bday - and last week, I broke 2 nails, so she fixed them yesterday. They look almost real! And I already set a next appointment, so I guess this is a Thing I do now. Weird! :)

Remember what I said yesterday about the annoying Inspector Mallory on Father Brown? As if they heard me, the last episode of the series brings back BOTH previous inspectors - and they're both happy to include and listen to Father Brown. In your face, Mallory! I feel rather vindicated. :D

@vamp yep, absolutely, don't tag stuff and don't follow people, then the danger goes down drastically.

@demitas I'll try for sure - for now I'm just happy that I have that backup file!

@demitas Okay, so I discovered the tags in the html code of the links. Maybe I'll find a way to display them somehow that doesn't require me to type them out by hand...

@demitas Unfortunately there are more than 1600 bookmarks... *facepalm* I'm trying an old WP plugin, maybe that works.

@demitas I just did a backup - unfortunately despite their promises, their export doesn't include the tags (which I'd always carefully maintained), so it'll be a fun (for a certain value of fun) task to figure out which fandoms/pairings the recs are for... :) Thank you!

@demitas oooh, i just tried a few more times and got in! Thankfully I created the site when I was still horrible at passwords, so it was easy to guess... lol

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