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I *might* be setting up a gift exchange.🙈 If I do, it's 100% @asya 's fault. *nods*

Oh wow, I just flapped my hands and made noises like a seal, because I got a fantastic reaction to my vid submission from Killa. You might not know this, but Killa is a fanvid legend, so I'm having a fangirl moment here. 😜
Oh, and the vid, which will apparently open the show - excuse me while I die a little - is this Shadowhunters/Buffy fusion:

@hermine the easiest way to start is to make a post with - people are really friendly. :)

Also, I sent one of my best friends an invite to - it'd be fantastic if she came here, because we haven't shared fandom space in a while. We met in 2001 or so on a Yahoogroup mailinglist for Wolverine/Rogue, moved to LJ together, but she's not active online anymore. These days we volunteer at cons in Germany (where she's from) and go on vacation together. For her friendship alone I'll love fandom forever. <3

That new vidding newsletter already proved handy, because I got two vid submissions for Escapade in just under the wire... 😜
I don't premiere stuff there, but the past couple of years vids of mine have been featured. Oh, how I wish I could have been there, watched them on the big screen and seen people's reactions. (I'm way more insecure about my vidding than my writing, not helped by feedback on YT being sparse.)

Important linkage! :)

First of all, I forgot to publish the latest podcast ep yesterday - bad Shirasade, bad! Anyway, here it is:

Show notes on - you can also subscribe on pretty much all podcasting platforms I could think of. :)

And then there's this:

Yes, this i

:guardian :shippingcast :podcast :music

Afternoon in the spa & recs

This afternoon I went to a spa in a nearby town - they've got saline waters and an awesome sauna area, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Usually, I go to the sauna regularly in winter, feeling that it helps my crappy immune system in addition to simply being wonderfully relaxing and therefore combating the winter blues. This winter


The kindness and generosity of fandom people will never cease to astonish me. ❤️ (Vague post brought to you by a surprise notification regarding my podcast.)

Just managed to finish editing my podcast - official release is on Friday, but I'm always trying to get it out a couple of days early, in hopes that it might get people to subscribe to my . ;)
This week's topic: from !!
This obviously meant no today, aww - I miss my daily dose of Weilan! :)

Having a fully chronological timeline has been so refreshing

The first episode of ' Does A With...' is here! (and her dog Alfred, Lord Waggyson) joins David to talk about , , & more. Listen on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.

Additionally I watched the first episode of The First from last year, because I love near-future space exploration. But it was canceled, so I'm not sure if I'll continue, since series 1 ends before they even get to Mars. Also, not the biggest Sean Penn fan.

guardian, episode 18 spoilers 

guardian, episode 18 spoilers 

#OpenLibrary is a free open online catalogue of every book ever published, edited by users and run by the Internet Archive:

Members can download public domain books, borrow copyrighted books, edit entries and create lists to share.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Books #Library #Libraries #eBooks #PublicDomain #Literature

Wow, so this Tumblr post is genuinely one of the most fascinating things I've yet read:

It's about fanfiction as its own genre, as character-driven writing, and reading it, I really feel like it explains why there are many "original" stories that still have the feel and traits of fanfic, and are generally popular with lovers of fanfic. Captive Prince, which I've been re-reading recently, instantly springs to mind.


guardian spoilers, ep 17 

guardian spoilers, ep 17 

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