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Things I do not deal with well: Planning to leave work in order to go to the gym, only to be suddenly bombarded with SEVERAL last minute things that are apparently URGENT and need to be done right away. Yeah, chances that I'm going to exercise instead of collapsing on the couch after this are getting slimmer by the minute...

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Uuuugh. I forgot my sports bag at home, meaning I can't go to the gym over my lunch break. I already canceled dance class on Wednesday, so I'll try to go after work, but it sucks having to go all the way home and then back.
My goal is to exercise 3 times a week, but this weekend I'm fully booked - a friend from Australia is in Switzerland, so we'll do touristy stuff both days.

Today I've been rewatching Love by Chance again, because Ae and Pete make me happy (and I have to wait until Sunday for the subs of the latest He's Coming to Me ep). Result: a drabble ( and a gif set ( :)

Allow me to recommend the dedrm plugin for Calibre. This allows you to use your legal access to strip DRM from any ebook you own. You can then keep your Microsoft Store-bought ebooks. (But do it before the Store goes away!)

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Pretty cool: I'm going to see the people from the No Such Thing As a Fish podcast in Geneva at the end of May. I had the brilliant idea to tell a friend who lives in Lausanne, and now we're going together & I can stay at hers afterwards - and meet her new baby! :)

I'm at home now, changed into my panda bear onesie and drinking hot strawberry mint tea. Watching Bright Lights (the delightful Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds doco) and eating chocolate. Chances of me leaving the house again for lindy hop class tonight are getting slimmer by the second. ;)

Interesting article about and how its men are allowed emotions: "Tolkien largely excluded women from his stories—I don’t think there’s a single one in The Hobbit—but he had genuine insight into not just the male society he belonged to, but its differing permutations passed down out of classical and Anglo-Saxon legend and historical record."

Yesterday: hayfever central. I put my winter coats into the basement. Today: Fuuuck, it's cold, where are my warm jackets? *sniffles*

in hindsight google dropping the "dont be evil" motto should have been more of a red flag

So if all of AO3 is nominated for a Hugo, am I “published by a Hugo-nominated organization”? 🧐

I just bought tickets for on the 24th - yay! \0/ Perfect timing, as I'm leaving for a con the day after and wouldn't have a chance to see it for almost a whole week, which obviously would be absolutely inacceptable. :)

Multifandom drabble exchange reveal

So I wrote three little drabbles for the Multifandom Drabble Exchange:

Undercover (Guardian, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan): Zhao Yunlan only meant to tease Shen Wei. It... backfires.Sleeping Monkey Gif (Guardian RPF, Bai Yu/Zhu Yilong): Zhu Yilong works too hard.The Fine Art of River Diplomacy (Rivers of London): Peter has to take a business trip

#[myfic] :guardian

Aww, someone else just joined my Patreon - and it's someone I don't know!! (I only have 3 supporters so far, 2 of which are previous interview partners. *g*) ☺️

I just got my multifandom drabbles - and wow, I somehow didn't expect to get anything but Guardian, but I actually had four of my requests filled! I love fandom, I really do. <3

Lazy weekend

I, umm, didn't leave my house this weekend. Oops? :) I did, however, do lots of inside stuff:

set up my "new" phone (my Sony's been crapping out on me, although it's barely 2 years old, so I bought a refurbished Samsung). They always say how easy it's supposed to be, but in the end I updated stuff for most of the day.signed up for the Guardian Reverse

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guardian ep 30 livewatch 

guardian ep 30 livewatch 

guardian ep 30 livewatch 

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