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@shirasade Oh man, I'd better remember to renew my subscription to The Idea of Bisexuality!

After mentioning to my shrink only yesterday that I wish I could afford to hire someone to help me clean because I've been neglecting even the very superficial cleaning I usually do (I hate cleaning even more than cooking, and I don't do that either), today I found a voucher for chf 20 for a new service in my mailbox. Ha, that's got to be a sign! :)
So now there's a lady coming to my flat after I return from the con & friend's bday in 2 weeks - just that once, for now.

So I was just innocently reading reviews on a BL blog when I stumbled across this gem of a sentence: *I’m afraid I don’t subscribe to the idea of a bisexual person.*
Like. What. The. FUCK. Well, that was the last time I read that site.

Pity they don't allow comments, I'd kind of like to call them on the hypocrisy of reviewing a genre where the majority of characters have relationships with both girls and boys... (Although that's changing, gay apparently becoming more acceptable.)

Yay, finally started on my 520 fic (stupid cold, draining my creativity), and I already reached the 300 word minimum, so that's a relief. It's still going to be on the short side, but I haven't even started the smut yet.

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Singto & Ohm – Someone Wake Me Up l เขามาเชงเม้งข้างๆหลุมผมครับ, by kinkilan

He's Coming to Me turned out to be one

:BoysLove :He'sComingtoMe :MetxThun :SingtoxOhm

That confusing moment when your computer makes a "message received" noise and you desperately try to figure out if it was Discord, Masto or Tumblr...

Not an hour, but 4 minutes of ZYL reading John Keats (in Chinese) ain't half-bad:

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I should find a video that's nothing but ZYL talking for an hour because his voice gives me serious ASMR. <3

Presenting the new episode starring the wonderful @lj_writes talking about Korra x Asami from Legend of Korra:

Stayed home today but have been working pretty much non-stop, which probably defeats the purpose. Think I got most of the important stuff done now, though, so it's time for tea, tv and Tumblr... (I discovered that the series about Anne Lister started - Gentleman Jack. A+++ can recommend!)

Incidentally, I deleted both my personal Twitter accounts because I never used them. Bye, bye, bird site...

Ranting about Shadowhunters 

Got caught up on in time for the series finale next week. Dear god, I've never watched a show where so much happened in such a short time - both in running time (3x20 was *stuffed*) and show timeline (3-4 months tops). Whenever I think of that, everything starts falling apart. But hey, we're getting a wedding, so yay? Just don't get me started on how they short-changed the parabatai relationship. 😭 But that's not romance, so it doesn't matter, I guess.

Having to go to work with a cold just plain sucks, but I really had to. Thank fuck it's my half day, at least!

Today's Labour Day here, so I'm off work - this is especially handy because I returned home with what we like to call the "con plague", the result of being in close proximity with hundreds of people for several days. So instead of going to the gym and being productive, I'm curled up on the couch, drinking tea and rewatching ST: Disco.

Spoilerific Avengers: Endgame drabble 

Wrote a timey-whimey Endgame triple drabble about Steve's Happily-Ever-After: (Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky)

I'm back on my old phone, because there's no easy fix for the broken SIM tray. Also, I forgot my laptop charger on the train. It's obviously not my day, technology-wise. *sighs*

If you're in any form interested in Thai BL or just sweet gay love stories in general, I 100% recommend He's Coming to Me. I just finished the last episode and am utterly in love with the whole thing. Only sad to think that those 8 hours are all we get... But hopefully the existence of this gem means that BL is continuously improving and learning to avoid the cliches and pitfalls.

The con is over, but I stayed on with one of my friends in the area and we chilled out in a thermal spa all afternoon. However, right now I'm somewhat annoyed because the SIM tray of my "new" refurbished phone broke off, so it's a useless brick and after only two weeks of service I already have to get it fixed. Ugh.

If anyone's into Lucifer or late Buffy - today at the con I got to enjoy a lovely laid-back meet & greet with D.B. Woodwise today! 🤩

Won't be around much the next few days: Volunteering at a fantasy con in Germany, which is always loads of fun - even if we don't see a lot of the programme. Will try to catch some, though. This year it's the main cast of Lucifer and Tom Ellis was a delight last year.

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