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Annnnd, we're going to see Endgame after all, just no dinner first - she wants some therapeutic fangirling, which I can totally understand. :)

Aww, no Endgame again, as my friend's streak of bad luck continues. I don't mind too much, though, as I'm halfway through Good Omens.

Had a great time in Geneva at the No Such Thing As a Fish show and with my friend. This morning I got some quality baby time in - her son is younger than I'd remembered and utterly adorable. (Plus, her hubby is British, so I got to chat in English, which is always fun.) Now I'm home long enough to do some laundry, kill some ants and d/l Good Omens, before meeting friends for dinner & Endgame tonight.

Today's a good day: half day at work (voluntarily, making up for the wedding on Monday), then lunch & hanging out in the garden w/ the fam. Now on way to Geneva for a live show of the podcast No Such Thing As a Fish w/ a friend I haven't seen in a while. Will spend the night at hers in Lausanne & finally meet her toddler.

Anyone up for another Guardian rewatch in a bit over an hour (8pm CET)? It's time for episode 8, "Zhao Yunlan fails at impressing Shen Wei with antique books"... :)
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Despite its massive popularity among BL lovers I'm not a big fan of Sotus. I only started watching after He's Coming to Me because of Singto (who's great in it), but it does have its moments - like Kongpop winning at gay chicken every time. :)

I decided on "both" by reason of missing the tram and making my way to the gym on foot. However, it ended up more walk than jog, because my lungs simply wouldn't cooperate. Ugh. I guess I'll have to get out the cortisol inhaler again...

Question of the day: Gym or first attempt at going for a jog outside? (Supposedly my hayfever is done & I stopped my meds, but I've noticed that I've been coughing when I have the windows open/am outside. Hoping very much that I haven't developed a new pollen allergy!)

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Okay, so Endgame was postponed to Saturday, bc my friend's leg is bad again. :( She used to be a ballet dancer, and dancing & several operations 30 years ago totally ruined her knee - it's looking more and more as if she'll have to get a prosthesis.

This vid about the first same-sex couples to get married in Taiwan made me so happy:

In better news: It's Ascension tomorrow, which means no work, so we're going to see Endgame again tonight! And right now I'm watching this week's Trapped. Life is pretty good! :)

Do not cold-call me on my mobile. I don't care what you want, I will not cooperate. UGH.

HBO's Chernobyl, ep 4 (animal death) 

HBO's Chernobyl, ep 4 (animal death) 

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Anyone up for more Guardian rewatch tonight 8pm CET? We're at episode 6, which has the awesome title "Zhao Yunlan sneaks into Shen Wei’s residence at night". ;)
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