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I had some strange dreams last night - the kind that feel so real, you wake up disoriented. I mostly remember locations: an elegant event venue in a manor house, a parking structure, a dorm, a huge college campus with parks and sports fields. None of which has anything to do with my real life.

The weather today was pretty much unbearable - about the same as yesterday, not having cooled down at all in the night, but so much WORSE because of being stuck at work. However, we were promised rain and cooler nights this week, and I'm holding the gods fucking accountable!

I hope all my LGBTQ+ folks had a great pride month! Whether you’re out or closeted, questioning or certain, I’m proud of all of you !! If you don’t have supportive family, I am your father now. Happy pride!! β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

The plan: A relaxed little jog along the river once the sun has set, see if that treadmill at the gym helped. The reality: It's still 35Β°C at 8:30pm, so it was a 30 minutes walk with the occasional 1-2 minutes of slow running... Still counts as exercise, though, right?

Guardian ep 33 

Guardian ep 32 

What I *want* to do: finish or start some good shows (most notably of course Guardian). What I *am* doing: rewatching things I've already seen multiple times (currently Apollo 13).

Paired with my creative block (haven't written fanfic in weeks), this isn't a good sign for my mental health, but it helps me cope. And otherwise I feel pretty good, so I hope things'll look up soon. (One of my meds has been discontinued, so we're switching, but it can't really be that, not yet at least.)

semi-regular reminder: the #Firefox (also Chrome, if you must) add-on Bypass Paywalls lets you easily get past the article-hiding nag screens on numerous major media websites, even that jerk-ass WSJ

both mozilla and google rudely delisted it from their add-on sites so you have to get it from the author's github:

rec post 

Improved on Thursday's feet-in-the-river: There's very handy flat rocks under a tree at the river's edge, so I put on my bathers and read while cool water flowed around me... Bliss!

Watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel - and then "'Tain't What You Do" came on in the soundtrack, and before I knew it, I was up on my feet and doing the Shim Sham... ;)

rec post 

Currently hiding from the sun & watching documentary "Before Homosexuals", which I bought on dvd after seeing a trailer on Seed&Spark a while back. It's a bit of a muddle, trying to cover pre-20th century queer history from around the world, but overall it's not a bad effort at all, esp now for pride month:

Squad goals

I love my German con family so much - we always have such a great time volunteering together. (This isn't to say that things like Ethan Peck shaking my head and thanking us for our work doesn't give me a thrill. *g*) Since there's almost a year between cons, we try to see each other between that - cake break with two of the bunch on the way back from the Netherlands in Septemb

:shadowhunters :friends

Surprisingly, there was aircon. I skipped the treadmill, though - strength training was bad enough... Now I'm back at work, letting my hair air-dry, which is actually rather nice. I'm definitely not very productive today, however... πŸ™ˆ

I will now attempt to exercise. By which I mean, I'll walk to my gym, poke my head in and, unless there's aircon, walk right out. Humans were not built for this.

Learned yet another definition: oriented aroace. I guess that's me, bc I've been calling myself male-attracted when explaining my brand of aegosexual aroace-ness... And there's even a flag:
Not sure I can take anything serious that's not even a year old, but whatever floats people's boat. (Really, calling myself queer is so much easier.)

At least I have yummy, yummy raspberries from the stall downstairs. Nothing tastes more like summer. (And what's even better is that they're locally produced, so I can give them ALL my money with a good conscience. *g*)

Back at work. After busily catching up on Things all day, I've pretty much run out of steam now, though. The fact that we're in a heatwave doesn't help, of course. So while I technically have plenty of stuff I *could* do. If I didn't have an appt in an hour, I'd leave, since I started at 7am. How do people work full 8.4 hour days?
(Due to my health I work only 80%, but while most people take a whole day off, I only do a half-day and leave early the other 4 days.)

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