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Back to my daily The Untamed watch... That whole scene on the bridge was beautiful - even if we were robbed of the bridal carry. I guess they thought that of all things THAT would be too gay for the censors. :)

Things I will never get tired of seeing in The Untamed:
- Lan Zhan literally swooping in to protect Wei Ying, usually with a great flourish and clash of swords.
- Lan Zhan catching Wei Ying when he falls (which he seems to do quite often).
- Lan Zhan smiling at Wei Ying and Wei Ying's reactions to those rare smiles.


Thanks, Untamed, you made me cry, and it wasn't even ship-related. I just love the Wen siblings and Wei Ying so much.

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Oh SHIT! I totally forgot that I had a Lindy workshop tonight - and now it's too late, by the time I'd get there it'd be over. Ugh. (And yes, it's all The Untamed's fault.)

The Untamed ep 28 

Vague spoilers for The Untamed finale 

Self-care act of the day: With The Untamed complete on WeTV VIP, I just quickly popped into the spoiler tag on Tumblr because I needed to know if I have to steel myself for the ending. (Or even pull a Guardian and just... not finish. *g*)

It's raining so hard, I'm considering the advantages of growing gills.

If The Untamed does one thing right (in addition to the gayest not-gay since Guardian) it's sibling relationships. Be it the Yunmeng trio, the Jade twins or Wen Qing & Wen Ning - they're all so beautifully drawn.

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