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Dear god, today's been busy at work - I could feel the anxiety mounting... Luckily I managed to cancel a conference call, so I won't have to work overtime.

vague spoilers 

Watching and quite enjoying - they're not subtle with their commentary, are they? I wish it didn't have two white leads and absolutely zero queerness (so far at least), though.

Still rewatching ep 5 of (because I had to interrupt for FOUR chapters of my Kissing fic so far, due to the insane amounts of UST) - and I hadn't noticed before that it was Su She stuck on the boat. Now, if Lan Zhan only had let him drown, there'd have been so much less trouble later...

And following right from the waterfall, there's the library, with Wei Ying offering to go to his knees for Lan Zhan. So yeah, I wrote more: *g*

rec post 

rec post 

Not my contribution (that's Jalec, which I don't think people here are interested in), but 300 words of silly canon-divergent WangXian for ep 2:

It's the last day of & we kept one of the best tropes for last: AND THERE WAS ONLY ONE BED!!
Now, I feel like this can suit pretty much every ship - any opinions on which one I should write?

Am I rewatching episode 1 of for the 4th time? Yes. Yes I am. Every time I do, I pick up new nuances, partly because I know the world better, partly because I no longer have to focus so hard on the subs. Xiao Zhan really shines, of course, but you also get some nice moments for Lan Yuan and Lan Jingyi.

Watching videos & interviews, it's quite interesting how you can see at first glance if it's Lan Zhan or Wang Yibo, while there's a lot of overlap between Wei Ying and Xiao Zhan. Also, their dynamics are completely different, almost the opposite, which is really funny to watch.

rec post 

rec post 

Picking a ship for day 30 of was hard. Pining would suit pretty much all my OTPs! But in the end I went with 250 words of :)

Take my love,
Take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand

I donโ€™t care, Iโ€™m still free!

You canโ€™t take my CHEESE from me!!

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The tragedy of getting caught up with an epic fic - and only then realising it's last been updated MONTHS ago. Will I never learn?

"I'm Still Standing" at the end of always makes me tear up and then cheer.

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