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Still home with my poor aching back (it's better, though), I took a break from doing home office and started writing a Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng fic:

haha of course im okay 😎 what do you mean "fell down the stairs" i was just doing parkour 😎 haha no worries that leg has always been broken 😎

How long since I last giffed? Anyways, I figured was a good excuse to recycle the very first gif set I ever made, because the quote is too perfect:

The one good thing about today: My new internet provider already activated my account, although it's officially only paid from tomorrow, so at least I can go online from my laptop and not just my phone with its tiny screen and limited data. (My old provider had turned off my internet last night.)

Pain, so much pain - I've been struggling with a backache all of last week, but it was okay as long as I didn't overexerted. Now it's the first day back at work - and I just fell down the stairs. About to puke from the pain, not sure if I'll manage getting either to the office or back home.

I really need to catch up with bc they apparently really had that threesome kiss I've been hoping for since the first trailer - but a part of me is still afraid that it'll end up like most (boring) love triangles do, with one party being left out... So I might wait until it's finished airing. In the meantime, this scene will tide me over - one of the still rare Thai shows with actual good kissing!

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rec post 

The Untamed ep 14 

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Dear DHL - how come I just got a text message that you tried in vain to deliver a parcel, when I've been *right here* the whole morning?

During my vacation I decided that I want to knit another baby blanket, like I did for my oldest nephew/godson, for my bff's second baby, for whom I'll be godmother, too. So that's what I've been doing for a good part of today (after doing my taxes), because I'm the world's slowest knitter and that baby is due in December. :)

The Untamed, ep 11 thoughts - yes I'm back at it! :) 

"The wank has inspired me to start referring to AO3 as 'two million Hugo Award winners in a trenchcoat' rather than a website, because yes."


Just spent the afternoon with my mom, doing a guided tour of a hydropower plant - organising these is actually my job, but this week one of the turbines is dry, so we got a special bts view...

I'm back in Switzerland - last week was a dream and I had no desire at all for anything internet. Didn't even post any photos to Instagram, only checked my email a couple of times. Felt good! Now I'm very happy to have the rest of the week off, too, since I don't feel like going back to work at all. :)

And how are things with you guys?

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Back from the team retreat, which was exhausting (so many people, so little time to myself!) but quite fun, mostly because the weather couldn't have been more gorgeous. Now back home to pack/get ready for my vacation - we're going back to the bach/beach hut in Zeeland/NL we rented last year, which is the most relaxing place I've ever been. I can't wait!

Ooooh, new single, ft. Wyclef Jean, catchy as always! And they're touring with Green Day & Weezer - already checked, closest date is Paris next June. *dances*

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