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Today is Wei Wuxian's bday, which I much prefer to Halloween, so have some fluff: ;)

My Good Omens BluRay arrived!!!! So there goes my free afternoon... :)

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Rebirth.mp3, by LilyMaxwell – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

β€œGood evening, citizens of Yiling.”

The voice reaches the earbuds of the willing, no proper channel, no hyperlink to follow. But he’s there, he’s always there when the moon is bright, maybe not even full, and the air is crisp with

:TheUntamed :WeiYing/LanZhan

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Empathy, by spoken – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

The candle has burnt itself halfway by the time Song Lan stirs. Wangji has been meditating with his eyes closed and he can feel the weight of the other man's eyes on him, senses when they slide over to Wei Ying's sleepi

:TheUntamed :WeiYing/LanZhan :XiaoXingchen/SongLan

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beautiful, by Aeruace – 魔道η₯–εΈˆ – ε’¨ι¦™ι“œθ‡­ | MΓ³dΓ o ZΗ”shΔ« – MΓ²xiāng TΓ³ngxiΓΉ [Archive of Our Own]

Xiao Xingchen replied, β€œI think... I would like to know you as well. As a person.” Then he smiled and the stars above responded in kind,

:TheUntamed :XiaoXingchen/SongLan

New laptop at work. I'd been clinging to my 2012 model with Windows 7 but was now forced to "upgrade" - and have subsequently spent most of the morning trying to set it up. The biggest problem is that for some reason I can't install Chrome extensions, which is somewhat annoying, considering that that's our default browser (since everything in my company runs with Google *sigh*). Will now stop, have lunch and then get back to my actual work...

Whose Good Omens BluRay has been dispatched? πŸ™‹ This girl, wheeeeee!!!πŸ‘Ό 😈 :heart_pride:

And in further adventures through my Youtube recommendations: I'm not into metal, but this Mongolian band BANGS:
(Also, wow, the landscape! Reminds me why one of my dreams is to take the Trans-Siberian Railway, but from Moscow to Ulanbataar & Beijing instead of Siberia.)

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Found a new theme song by Thomas Benjamin Esq. (who did the "No More Fucks to Give" song):
I mean, at almost 39 people have mostly stopped asking & since my hysterectomy earlier this year it's a biological impossibility anyway, but yeah. I Don't Want Kids. ;)

Signed up for - as always, so many fandoms to choose from, but this year I was pretty sure what I wanted. (Although I reserve the right to change my mind until November 4. *g*)

i am glad i joined the fediverse. Ive gotten to learn about so many things and about so many people. Thank you all for sharing.

So, on one hand we have the hobbits sharing anecdotes of winding up Elijah with a made-up game, and then there's the wonderful Christopher Lee. Who quotes Tolkien by memory and compares it with the script, easily going into deep meta territory. Only in this movie, people!
(Okay, I'll try not to bother yous with a play-by-play. I'm just utterly delighted and transported back in time. It really was the best fandom!)

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Orlando gushing about Elijah being 18 when filming started, when he was all of 21 or 22 himself... But I guess one does feel very adult at that age in comparison to 18-year-olds. lol
(Elijah is all of 23 days younger than I am, which always feels significant in a way, similarly to Buffy, whose birthday is exactly 14 days after mine.)
I do love that they put all the hobbits together for the commentary, it makes me happy, although Ian and Orlando are also doing a great job all on their own.

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Am now enjoying the cast commentary of FotR - my favourite of the LotR movies, and I just adore hearing everyone's love and enthusiasm. <3
Only at the prologue right now - we just got a glimpse of Gil-galad! He holds a special place in my heart, not only because of his place in the Silmarillion, but because he's portrayed by Mark Ferguson. Mark's been a beloved guest & MC at the German fantasy cons I've been volunteering at since 2003. Him, Craig Parker (Haldir) & Lori Dungey (Mrs. Bracegirdle).

doesn't seem to be on Swiss Netflix, which doesn't surprise me, as our selection is simply shit and the reason why I canceled my account after the last free trial month.

Rewatching ep 17 of #TheUntamed 

The entire interlude with the Wen sibs in Yiling... It should be a filler episode, not much actually happening (except research, SO MUCH research), but it feels necessary. Jiang Cheng so utterly destroyed. Wei Ying determined to fulfill his promise to help him, no matter the cost. *cries forever* (Seriously, the look on his face when he realises...)
All those sad but beautiful little moments - between Wei Ying & Yanli, Wei Ying & Wen Qing, Wen Qing & Wen Ning...

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Having heard from multiple sources that the subs on Viki are better than on Youtube, while YT has better video quality than Viki, I now have YT video with Viki subs on my server. Best of both worlds! (Now, if I could find video without Chinese hardsubs, that'd be the holy grail...)

Rewatching ep 16 of #TheUntamed 

jfc, the sacking of Lotus Pier is brutal. I doubt they'd show a 10-year-old getting slaughtered on similar Western tv shows. And then there's the emotional fallout. It just doesn't let up.
And this is why I took great pleasure in Wei Ying's demonic revenge on Wen Chao and his evil mistress. (I do find Wen Zhuliu a fascinating character, though - what led an obviously honorable man to pledge himself to the Wens? He's barely in the novel, so this is 100% show canon.)

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Rewatching ep 15 of #TheUntamed 

I really think that Madame Yu and her two maids are the only women we see actually fight in the entire show. There might be some female cultivators in the background of fight scenes, but not that I noticed.
(Wen Qing is a badass in a different way, Mianmian does end up nighthunting, but we never see her in action, and after the first few scenes Jiang Yanli, who we know isn't a strong cultivator anyhow, no longer carries her sword.)

Saw a doctor again for my back & got a prescription for physio - already set my first appointment for tomorrow, as I'm thoroughly sick of being in pain. Thank fuck for a good healthcare system!

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