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Slow and Splendored, by alby_mangroves, eyres – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

In the chaotic years after Steve Rogers arrives back in 2023 as an old man, he helps rebuild the world, falls in love with his best friend, adopts a stray cat, and saves the entire timeline. Not nece

:MarvelCinematicUniverse :SteveRogers/BuckyBarnes

I try not to hold anyone's mastery/non-mastery of the English language against them (especially in fanfic), but I couldn't help but burst out laughing at "viral young men" - oh boy, I don't think this means what you think it means!πŸ˜‚

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This House of Ill Repute, by Jo Lasalle (Jo_Lasalle) – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

β€œWe are hoping to dry off and get some rest after a long journey,” Lan Zhan says. β€œWould you have a room for the night?”

The woman gives them a long look up and down, and a slow grin

:TheUntamed :WeiYing/LanZhan

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Adult Learning, by halotolerant – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

β€˜Don’t indulge in pleasure,’ was perfectly comprehensible - at fourteen Lan Wangji already knew that that meant no second helping of stew, even if you were still hungry, and definitely no more little cakes, your mother shou

:TheUntamed :WeiYing/LanZhan

mental health, depression 

If I'm more quiet than normal, it's because I suspect I'm heading into a minor depressive episode. These never last long, but that doesn't change the fact that they suck. Had another horrible night, so I'm skipping work today, but unfortunately that's not a long-term solution. Also blew off my shrink yesterday, which, yeah... possibly not the smartest move.
2 options: tough it out or hope that upping one of my meds will help.

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Angel Spike Comedy Trailer, by Natbrat32

Would I have watched the heck out of this show? Yes. Yes I would.

:BuffytheVampireSlayer :Angel/Spike

If you're aromantic or on the aro spectrum, I'd love it if you could reply to this or make your own post about what it means to you to be aromantic or aro spectrum!

I feel like there's not a lot of visibility of aro people and there's a lot of confusion about what it means to be aromantic.

It's different for everyone! And I think we could benefit by sharing out perspectives and experiences

#aromantic #aro

It's officially melted cheese season in Switzerland - by which I mean I'll been eating raclette at least twice a week for the forseeable future. Yummy! (Also, requires no cooking except for boiling some potatoes, making it my ideal meal. *g*)
I'm also considering inviting my friends for cheese fondue for my bday in early January. There's a dairy near my office where they sell the best fondue I ever had.

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Good Omens Fanvid || TiK ToK – YouTube

This is simply brilliant. So much fun!


Because I still can't sleep in the morning (seriously, I've been up at 6am at the latest all week), I've been editing my podcast and am now rewatching season 2 of . Still really enjoy it, but what I would kill for is a series or at least a special about Pike, No. 1, Spock & co. on the Enterprise! My old-school trekkie heart would probably spontaneously combust.

What I did tonight: (a wedding vid for Wangxian, using the ending sequence of Love Is More Than a Word)

I now own a microphone. Good thing my isn't dead, huh? I'll christen it on Sunday recording the ep! :)

Rewatching ep 4 of (Ae and Pete's first kiss), Ae's reaction just screams demisexual to me.

He's just utterly confused by his attraction to Pete - in 18 years, he's NEVER felt that way, has never wanted to touch or kiss anyone, boy or girl (as opposed to the usual "first time with a boy"). And to make it even more "textbook demi" it didn't happen immediately after they met, but only after Ae had really gotten to know & adore Pete.

This is my hill & I'm dying on it.

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love me better, by syriala – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

β€œI’m just--a little bit of rest would be nice,” Jiang Cheng finally admits, and he leans even more heavily against Lan Xichen. He’s just glad that he’s too sick to get as flustered around Lan Xichen as he usually does whenever t

:TheUntamed :JiangCheng/LanXichen

I'm trying so hard not to judge, but the fact that someone used "My Heart Will Go On" unironically in a fic just makes me feel really old.

With this ends your Sunday spam. My apologies! :)
I just wanted to reach the point in my rewatch where I can take up my Kissing series again - and the show's giving me even more feels this time around.

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The Untamed ep 21 

Oh, WWX, way to put everyone's mind at rest... and LWJ is so worried for him, it hurts. He wants to protect him & it goes against everything he's been raised to do. (Such a lovely Lan brothers moment, though!)
The way WangXian are looking at each other though. My heart! (XZ & WY are so amazing here, it blows my mind.)
And both Jiang sibs feel that the rift between them is wrong.
Oh, WWX, why can't you just trust LWJ with the truth?!

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The Untamed ep 21 

Something I really like about the show is that nothing is black and white. That's pretty much the whole premise - not all Wens are evil, not all other cultivators are good. And while WWX has an unerring moral compass, his methods are dangerous. His attack on the prisoner convoy didn't help anyone, even hurt the innocent.
(Unrelated, the subs are irritating me by translating people's titles. "Brilliance Overgrowth Lord" this, "Scarlet Peak Master" that.)

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The Untamed ep 21 

Ugh, the other cultivators are horrible! And they won't get any better either.
And WWX missing LWJ so much, but unable to relent... (This is where I fit in the Kissing moment, btw:
Even the lovely moments with shije (I'd forgotten they named the flute together) hurt, bc he's trying so hard to keep up the pretense. He's in so much pain.
Ugh, JZ is the worst! And JC trying so hard to prove himself...

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The Untamed ep 20 

So much pain! The pain LWJ must be in all through this ep, from the moment he realises who changed the charms until WWX sends him away. I think it was worst when WWX starts playing & LWJ knows to put up a protection against him. Still, he doesn't hesitate when he thinks WZ is threatening his core... only to be rejected so completely.
Also, the pain of JC & WQ's farewell. They were really doomed from the start, poor JC.
Only happy moments: JC embracing WWX & Yunmeng trio reunion.

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