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The one upside to the leaky bathroom ceiling (still dripping - they did a temporary fix upstairs, but they'll be back Tuesday) is that I got the handyman to also fix the radiator in my living room. It'll never be truly warm due to old building/high ceilings, but now I can at least curl up on the couch with a blanket without being cold.
Currently trying to convince myself to leave this favoured spot in order to run errands and then have lunch at my brother's. Wish me luck with the socalising...

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I have a leak from my fucking bathroom ceiling. They came to check and will return to open it up, and soon. Just what I need this week. *facepalm*

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I try not to hold anyone's mastery/non-mastery of the English language against them (especially in fanfic), but I couldn't help but burst out laughing at "viral young men" - oh boy, I don't think this means what you think it means!πŸ˜‚

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If you're aromantic or on the aro spectrum, I'd love it if you could reply to this or make your own post about what it means to you to be aromantic or aro spectrum!

I feel like there's not a lot of visibility of aro people and there's a lot of confusion about what it means to be aromantic.

It's different for everyone! And I think we could benefit by sharing out perspectives and experiences

#aromantic #aro

It's officially melted cheese season in Switzerland - by which I mean I'll been eating raclette at least twice a week for the forseeable future. Yummy! (Also, requires no cooking except for boiling some potatoes, making it my ideal meal. *g*)
I'm also considering inviting my friends for cheese fondue for my bday in early January. There's a dairy near my office where they sell the best fondue I ever had.

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Because I still can't sleep in the morning (seriously, I've been up at 6am at the latest all week), I've been editing my podcast and am now rewatching season 2 of . Still really enjoy it, but what I would kill for is a series or at least a special about Pike, No. 1, Spock & co. on the Enterprise! My old-school trekkie heart would probably spontaneously combust.

What I did tonight: (a wedding vid for Wangxian, using the ending sequence of Love Is More Than a Word)

I now own a microphone. Good thing my isn't dead, huh? I'll christen it on Sunday recording the ep! :)

Rewatching ep 4 of (Ae and Pete's first kiss), Ae's reaction just screams demisexual to me.

He's just utterly confused by his attraction to Pete - in 18 years, he's NEVER felt that way, has never wanted to touch or kiss anyone, boy or girl (as opposed to the usual "first time with a boy"). And to make it even more "textbook demi" it didn't happen immediately after they met, but only after Ae had really gotten to know & adore Pete.

This is my hill & I'm dying on it.

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I'm trying so hard not to judge, but the fact that someone used "My Heart Will Go On" unironically in a fic just makes me feel really old.

With this ends your Sunday spam. My apologies! :)
I just wanted to reach the point in my rewatch where I can take up my Kissing series again - and the show's giving me even more feels this time around.

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