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Went to see TROS this morning (rant) 

And dear god, IT WAS SO BAD! All three of us agreed. There were multiple times during the movie when one of us would whisper, "How can this be so BORING?"

Honestly, cutting together the bits I actually liked, the whole thing would be 30 minutes max. It felt like a Star Wars bingo card was being filled. And it wasn't just boring, it also did injustice to pretty much every single character, from Rey to Rose. Jar Jar Abrams, indeed! First Star Trek, now this...

Hope everyone who celebrated survived the holidays in one piece! <3

I am absolutely alone in the office today. That's pretty normal "between the years", as most people take the days off (esp. this year, with both Christmas & New Year's smack-dab in the middle of the week), and I always enjoy it tremendously. No phone calls, hardly any emails, got my music playing out loud for a change (and sing along), catching up on stuff and still have time to muck about online, all while getting paid. :)

Yuletide went live with over 2000 new fanworks in more than 1000 fandoms - it never fails to boggle my mind! I got an adorable domestic Johnny/Yala (Killjoys) fic. *happy sigh*
Any more reading will have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm off to my family Christmas now. Hope all of you celebrating are having a lovely day!

Ugh, I almost spewed just now when the tangerine in chief appeared on an episode of The Nanny.๐Ÿ˜ฑ

My day got even better: Opening my few Christmas cards (getting fewer every year - but then, I didn't manage to send ANY this year and am trying very hard not to feel guilty about it), I discovered that one of my aunts included 200 bucks. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Just like that, no comment, just a bible verse and a holiday greeting on the card. Just... wow. You have no idea how welcome this is right now!

Hanukkah ain't Jewish Christmas. It's a story about folks trying to tell Jews they couldn't be Jews so we killed them and made a days worth of oil stretch for eight. It's a resilience in the face of oppression and poverty story.

Happy Hanukkah!

It's such a relief - my depressive phase seems to be passing, just in time for the holidays! Didn't even need to start with the Xanax my shrink prescribed me as emergency backup. Surefire signs: got to work this morning without issue and have been able to finally make headway on my Jalec SeSa fic (due tomorrow, oops) in some quiet moments.

Today I took a trip across the country (luckily, Switzerland is very small) to catch up with my oldest friend, who's here from London with her family for Christmas. First time I got to meet her baby boy!
I spent most of the time hanging out with her in the quiet room while she fed him and tried to get him to sleep, which suited me just fine. A bunch of strangers is still a bit too much for me. Then back onto the train back home. Overall, a long but good day.

My mom, bless her, was in town today, so we had lunch. Afterwards I got my nails done (bc I found a place that's actually affordable if you let the apprentice do it) - and she insisted on going to my place. To clean up!
I haven't been able to do the most basic tasks (empty my dishwasher, clean the loo etc), and she did all of that before I came home. We then folded & put away the 4 loads of laundry on my floor. And now, like the angel she is, she left me to recuperate before therapy in 2h. <3

So. Today I managed to work my half-day in a better state than yesterday. However, all's definitely not well, because I just learned that one of my BL shows, part of a series known for having happy endings, just fucked over all its fans in the most callous way. And BOOM - full-blown anxiety and serious upset, without even having seen the episode. Thanks for that, depression brain.

Just giving a quick sign of life. Sorry not to be present, but while normally I just adore the holiday season, this year my depression has decided to kick my ass. I'm mostly trying just to function and only half-succeeding.

Ugh. I feel sorry for my Yuletide recipient. Bc my brain's been a bitch recently, I haven't really written much. With the deadline being tomorrow, I do feel bad that the end result will probably be barely 2k. Considering posting with the promise of filling their second request after reveals.

Random Tumblr observation: Heh, I seem to have gotten unblocked by that one person whose nice gif sets I've been seeing all over my dash. So I'm guessing I'd been right in my suspicion that I'd been blocked purely for daring to ship Jalec, and they now somehow noticed that my main fandoms have shifted. Not sure how I feel about this. Faintly amused, maybe.


Oh fuck. I forgot this otherwise really cute romcom majorly features a father dying from cancer. So now I'm bawling my eyes out and missing my dad like crazy. Will that never stop?

I've had a crappy day, feeling totally out of sorts - not sure if it's because I could only take my meds hours too late yesterday or some other reason - but right now I'm rewatching Hail, Caesar! & enjoying Channing Tatum's sailor dance. He's not Gene Kelly (and certainly not Fred Astaire, my favourite), but he is a good dancer and the whole scene is utterly delightful. Everyone must have had a blast shooting this movie! (Although it totally whitewashes the real Eddie Mannix's horribleness.)

Sometimes you get a comment that you just want to print and frame. โค๏ธ Like, just the thought that there are people who genuinely love my writing and the little stories I come up with... Especially when they're pretty good writers themselves. ๐Ÿ˜ Good thing I live alone, because I squeed out loud like the giant nerd I am. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

After losing my custom aro-ace ring during my summer vacation, I kept my eyes open for a replacement. Apparently, a black ring on your middle finger (albeit on the right hand but that doesn't really suit me) is a symbol for , and I figured I'd combine it with a green one for aromantic. They're stone & very comfy to wear. Gotta let my flag fly! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I'm just... DONE with work today. I slept like crap and it's been really busy. I still have stuff to do now, of course, but with 30 minutes before I can leave, I can't seem to muster up the fucks required to actually do any of it.
(I'm insanely lucky in that I'm productive and pretty damn fast when I do knuckle down, which is why so far no one seems to have caught on that sometimes I just sit there reading fic or whatever.)

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