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Nice moment of the day: our biggest national organisation for seniors is teaming up with the biggest supermarket chain.
They created an app where you can sign up, tell them where you live, and they'll pair you with elderly people who need shopping done, giving them a layer of security. It'll be rolled out nation-wide in the next couple of days.
I'd already emailed the local chapter 2 weeks ago, offering my help, but at that time they had enough volunteers. So naturally I signed up.

Being a ridiculous introvert has definite advantages these days - I don't actually mind the lack of personal contact.
I've got some friends with whom I chat more, and I'm watching 2 episodes of Buffy every evening with a friend in Germany. Also, as long as I'm allowed to, I'm walking into work for a couple of hours every day, pick up the mail and stuff. The weather's gorgeous, so those 5k feel really lovely. And I've dusted off my aerobics dvds instead of going to the gym. So far so good...

There's a London premiere for the Miss Fisher movie on March 30. For a moment I was seriously bummed bc I'd love to go (and I haven't been in London for a while) - and then I realised that in all likelihood it'll be canceled, considering how things are going. (They closed all theatres, restaurants, ski areas etc. in Ticino, the Swiss canton bordering on Italy - I assume it's only a matter of time until it'll be all of Switzerland.)

Oh boy. Because I didn't make it to the gym yesterday (spent the morning moving storage rooms at work), I decided I should go for a jog today. BIG mistake. It's quite cold, but apparently not cold enough for the stupid pollen. πŸ™ˆ Halfway through my chest started tightening, and now I'm back home, used my asthma spray and am currently coughing my ass off. Good thing that didn't start outside or people would have thought I need to go into quarantine...

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Valinor (Let Me Go) [VID], by Aria – The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Maybe this is a test.

Source: Valinor (Let Me Go) [VID], by Aria - The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Breathtakingly beautiful vid celebrating all the hard choices and goodbyes.

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a love that won’t sit still [VID], by Aria – ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
But you had to come along didn't you / rev up the crowd, rewrite the rule book

Source: a love that won't sit still [VID], by Aria - ι™ˆζƒ…δ»€ | The Untamed (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

The song alone (Stray Italian Greyhou

They canceled Basel Fasnacht (carnival) bc of the corona virus.

You have no idea how big of a deal this is - we call it the three most beautiful days of the year, and last time they canceled it was in 1986 after an accident in a chemical plant. Even people who're not into it are at a complete loss, as most businesses would be closed. So no one knows how this will play out, esp. bc "FasnΓ€chtler" are a stubborn sort. :)

Shuffle surprise: I forgot how much I like Tori Amos. Should really check out what she's been releasing in the last few years.

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Captain Marvel | Higher (The Score), by Elvenarcher3

A kick-ass celebration of Carol in the Captain Marvel movie.


I'm taking part i Fandom For Australia, if anyone is interested in fic, vid or gifs from me:

So. Not dead. Actually doing pretty well. Still deep in Untamed fandom. However, right now I'm actually finally watching ep 34 of Guardian. Recommended it to an Untamed fan and it made me miss it.

If I remember correctly I have a few more "safe" episodes, and I really want to see the time travel for myself. But wow, I forgot how distractingly obvious the dubbing is at times.

Motherforking Good Place finale. Who the hell thought it was okay to make me cry almost from start to finish.

Oooh, the Agoojie of the West African kingdom of Dahomey are fascinating - they were crack female warriors, guarding the king (and serving as enforcers/tax collectors). I wonder if that's where the Dora Milaje from the MCU come from?

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Oh shit, I missed sign-ups for Fandom Trumps Hate. :(

I discovered a 3-part documentary series called "Epic Warrior Women" which is narrated by Lynda Carter. 😘 I'm only 5 minutes in, but they've already shown "Amazons" (from Scythia, Central Asia) not to be white. Off to a good start! πŸ‘

Heh. I bought into the spider-verse on blu-ray - finally, a release with actually worthwhile extras. just started "alt universe mode", curious to see what they did with it!

Oh wonderful. The lady from downstairs just came and asked me if I had a leak because her ceiling's almost caving in from the water. This house is falling apart, is it? (That's what you get if the landlord only does the bare minimum. I'm *still* waiting for them to fix my ceiling from last December's leak.)

Rant brought to you by a certain President's speech at the WEF in Davos 

This winter has been insanely mild. I've been dressed too warmly on several occasions & haven't even broken out some of my proper winter clothes. So today I was caught completely unprepared by the suddenly biting cold. Every time I step outside I can't help but curse. Still, apparently tomorrow we'll be back to 11C. πŸ™ˆ
But hey, climate change isn't real and we're fear mongering, huh, you stupid tangerine?!

More proof that grammar is important, from a handwritten ad my co-worker showed me:

We are looking for a "piano teacher" for our "son", please apply...

Someone obviously misunderstood what quotation marks are for. *facepalm*

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