thread? hannibal thread, babey! i have a lot of thoughts and that's about to be everyone's problem

first of all, news to no one who has seen the show, the ableism in the show is hard to watch sometimes; the episode with the trial was especially hard for me to watch as an autistic person.

ableism, spoilers for s2e8 

and bernadone, with his brain damage, meant to be a parallel to will with his autism was kind of :/

spoilers for s2e8 

BUT!!!!!!!!!! the fact that the episode so blatantly had bernadone as will's parallel and the social worker as hannibal's, allowing will to engage in Recognition of Self Through Recognition Of Other...

up to s2e8 spoilers of hannibal 

the fact that the police procedural facade is simply a backdrop against which to highlight the named/important characters is something i noticed immediately and it's just (chef kiss). it's so funny bc it's happening the whole time, from the very beginning with hobbs/hannibal and on and on... but this episode is the first time that any of the main characters REALIZE this

up to s2e8 spoilers of hannibal 

will sees bernadone and sees HIMSELF there, his relationship with hannibal in stark relief. he RELATES to someone whom due to his disability and his predicament that will sees as a victim. but will doesn't seem to want to see himself as the victim. he fights back. sent the orderly after hannibal.

i absolutely adore will graham as a character.

up to s2e8 spoilers of hannibal 

also when i realized the time lapse they did to set scene changes was meant to mirror the flashing lights hannibal conditioned will and miriam with i HOLLERED

up to s2e8 spoilers of hannibal 

hannibal as a show is just. extremely Fantastical. there are not this many bombastic serial killers irl and like, thank god, of course. everything is overdramatic, absolutely everything, and it's entirely on purpose. because again, it's not the point of the show. it's set dressing for the main characters, for hannibal and will, for the fbi crew.

i'll leave off here for now, gonna watch more episodes in the next two days on my day off and i will have More Thots then

anyway im excited for will and hannibal to kiss

putting this gif in my hannibal thread bc it fucking kills me every time

just finished s2e10 and boy do i have some thoughts !!

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

first of all i literally yelled "FUCK OFF" at my tv when the animal guy's name was revealed. german word for animal last name having ass.

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers, animal harm mention 

was REALLY glad that only one of the dogs got hurt and that was just a little, i was honestly fearing a bloodbath

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

the body horror surrounding tiel was fucking WONDERFUL esp when he was in will's dream or whatever that was.

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

the scene where hannibal lovingly took will's hands and washed and bandaged them? i YELLED. extremely gay. extremely good. heelturn2.mp3

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

i also really like the continued like... imagery? symbolism? of will as a dog. will brought, fetched even, abel gideon straight to hannibal. and, in the episode i most recently watched, even brought him Meat. hannibal marks targets and will retrieves them. theyvev been working as a team longer than will realizes

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

the maybe comparison of the encephalitis to rabies wrt dog symbolism?? 🤔 the way hannibal handled will during the encephalitis, the way he patted his head/looked into his eyes? and like they keep harping on the difference bt hunting and fishing and lures and shit but. what about waterfowling?

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers, cannibalism 

anyway SPEAKING of will bringing hannibal meat i fucking LOST it when hannibal kept asking what it was as they were eating and will being cagey about it before finally admitting it was human fucking GOT ME oh my god. the fact that hannibal had been doing that to everyone else for the entire show and then had it turned around on him... it really feels like will is Suddenly Aware Of The Tropes n using them to his advantage

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 

hannibal sure does like to kill off its named female charas tho huh. :/ got spoiled on bev and heard there was uproar over that but dang.

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers, cannibalism 

anyway my two guesses going forward are:

1. the fight scene at the beginning of the season resumes at the point it left off and will is in the room jack's hiding in and kills/helps hannibal kill him

2. will and hannibal eat abigail at some point :pensive:

leaving off there for now, may watch more tomorrow or even later tonight 👀

up to s2e10 nbc hannibal spoilers 



i finished s2 and i have thoughts but it's mostly screaming after today honestly. ill post here........... eventually


having some thots about will being autistic and somewhat dog coded (i.e. him owning so many and them being "the best part of him") coupled with the stigma that autistic people just Aren't Like Normal People/More Akin To Animals multiplied by the fact that as an autistic kid I only ever wanted to be the animal playing house bc idk how people were supposed to act

also, the concept of hannibal as a gothic romance of course, but specifically a neurodivergent gothic love story. hannibal with his fucked up ways of thinking being the only one who treats wills brainweird as valid/values him beyond his brainweird is important imo

broke: will graham isn't autistic he's "autistic coded"

woke: will graham is autistic

bespoke: will graham and hannibal are both autistic

there are soooo many readings/articles/blog posts about hannibal as a queer gothic love story and fucking of course it is but i hardly see anyone talking about how it is very much a queer NEURODIVERGENT gothic love story. will is very blatantly autistic and imo you can read hannibal as autistic as well, esp if you play into the 'youre the only one who can play chess and someone else walks in with a chessboard' quote

hannibal, in somewhat of a subversion of the 'autistic picky eater only eats tendies' stereotype, eats many things, but almost ALWAYS human involved in the meal, and he has a rolodex of recipes he seems to stick to.

theyre both queer and autistic and the story only makes if you read it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to crystalize my words more so i can write an article and share this with others

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