going to finish hannibal when im recovering from my surgery

i want to crystalize my words more so i can write an article and share this with others

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theyre both queer and autistic and the story only makes if you read it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hannibal, in somewhat of a subversion of the 'autistic picky eater only eats tendies' stereotype, eats many things, but almost ALWAYS human involved in the meal, and he has a rolodex of recipes he seems to stick to.

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there are soooo many readings/articles/blog posts about hannibal as a queer gothic love story and fucking of course it is but i hardly see anyone talking about how it is very much a queer NEURODIVERGENT gothic love story. will is very blatantly autistic and imo you can read hannibal as autistic as well, esp if you play into the 'youre the only one who can play chess and someone else walks in with a chessboard' quote

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hey im here i still havent finished hannibal but i DID get approved for a hysto on 3/31 so im working on raising money for that lmao 🤑 👽

btw if anyone has any resources (esp spreads) i would love to be linked some if that's not too much trouble. in return i offer my tarot tag on tumblr that has a bunch of spreads in it prophetesque.tumblr.com/tagged

i think the physical act of writing (most of) my readings down in a journal has helped

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genuinely tarot is such a good way of stopping and being in the moment and being able to self reflect and i'm really glad i picked it up again

wrestling, looking for one specific match, plz boost if you have wrestlefriends 

Hey, if anyone... ~happens~ to have a recording of Lio Rush vs Jay Lethal at Supercard of Honor 2016, would you mind shipping that to me? It's my favorite match, and I haven't watched in forever since it got taken off DailyMotion.

@sciura me taking notes, rapidly. oh man sk8 sounds fun as fuck tho in particular

nsfw, hannigram 

list of weird kinky fic ideas:
>ftm!will/(ftm?)hannibal, hannibal trusses will up, shoves an apple up inside him (with string thru it), makes him cum with vibe to the point of overwhelm, then takes the apple out n slices it up n shares it with him (everything consensual)
>ftm!will/cis hannibal, hannibal eats out will during period bc, He Would

@Mothra @sciura yeah watch this 



not going in the thread but thinking about writing hannigram smut with trans will ofc. maybe trans hannibal too

broke: will graham isn't autistic he's "autistic coded"

woke: will graham is autistic

bespoke: will graham and hannibal are both autistic

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