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just a reminder about posting nsfw art on Mastodon

*please be transparent about what's in the picture and use effective tags. If you're hiding something, it's on you to make sure your audience knows what's in store for them.

*don't repost art without sourcing. Art theft sucks, and stealing from artists -suuuuucks-

*If you feel iffy about whether or not something should be CW'd, always better safe than sorry! A CW isn't going to stop someone who wants to see what you're tagging it with.

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mary sues aren’t real

men can be OP and survive anything and win everything and no one cares

let women be the same way

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Self care is finally unfollowing ppl with good ideology but who are rude assholes in practice and following ppl who are less political but prioritize being kind, caring individuals

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Me: gotta check how bad tumblr is doing
Also me: but but protest

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and acronyms/initialism are *NOT* specific enough

what is "sh"
what is "ph"
what is "ed"
what is "ec"

new users *especially* don't know what these are, and have to risk anxiety attacks, triggers, and even traumatization to learn

the CW function is about consent and protecting people from triggering topics

please be Clear and Specific

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tired: trying to fix the morality of everyone you know and don't know, and inevitably failing because such a task is impossible for one person no matter how right you are

wired: recognizing that you have more power over yourself than anybody else, and resolving to be an example for positive behavior so that those around you who are ready to change will be able to follow your example

I'm honestly trying my best to figure out how to use Mastodon bc I haven't the slightest clue on how to navigate it 😭

Hello, I'm Siyetre (or Siye, Siy), I draw and write, but I mainly spend my time reading fanfic and scrolling away on Twitter. I've been looking for a place to share my art (fanart mainly).
I'm currently into Osomatsu-san and Professor Layton.
Anyways, nice to meet y'all! is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.