: I'm snowcrash (like the book) and I'm a cyberpunk junkie who plays a lot of shmups and watches too much professional wrestling.

@snowcrash I love your username as well as the book. Nice to meet you.

@snowcrash cool! When you say cyberpunk junkie does that include any particular videogame franchises?

@abbenm Yeah! The HBS Shadowrun games. Can't think of any other franchises, but two other titles I really like are Ruiner and The Red Strings Club. Always open to recommendations.

@snowcrash I've played two of the three Shadowruns and started the Hong Kong one but haven't finished

@snowcrash Also Red Strings Club is so very on my list but I haven't tried it yet.

My recs might be boring and obvious, but I really liked the First Deus Ex.

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