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i'm kai, but you can call me squishy if you wish~

i mostly draw Belphie from the game Obey Me!, so you'll see a lot of him (oops)

small note: i ship belphie/levi, i will tag any ships between the bros as 'demoncest' so you can filter it out

anyway, feel free to check out my linktree for my various links!

enjoy your stay~

nsfw artwork, male lactation, no genitals 

now for uh... this
IN MY DEFENSE i originally drew the first one as a joke (because we call belphie a cow boy)
and then i was like 'what if i finished it'
so yeah
belphie lactating
(didn't expect to be into it but here we are aksjhjdh)

i forgot just how many days of obeymax i actually drew for aksjhjdj

meanwhile this year... i havent even finished the ONE drawing i planned for it and july is almost over

and thats all of it!!
i had no idea what to do for the last prompt so i just.... drew this
if i could do it again id probably draw like, chibis or something

i'm kinda glad they didnt do the challenge again this year and did something a bit simpler bc i just could NOT do it again aksjhdj

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NOTE: first image contains blood!! badly drawn but still aksjhjd

part 5! the first prompt is meant to be vampires ashdj
also, ruri chan!! i wanna draw her again, she was fun to draw

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part 1 of obeymeseven/obeymax!!
so this is an event type thing that they do in july, apparently every year since they did it this year too :3
last year, we had a challenge! i chose to draw for the prompts, here are the first few pieces i did~

NOTE: levi's is quite revealing, so im marking this as sensitive

sweater collection!!
just a little collection of the boys in sweaters~ (and nothing else)

art of belphie in a bunny suit and reverse bunny suit, no nudity but its revealing enough 

bunny boy~ he looks good in a bunny suit
we got bunny boy outfits this year but it wasnt like this KJHSJD

heyo!! back with some self ship thingies~ me and belphie ofc

these were all last year, i havent drawn any self ship stuff this year... i should get on that

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