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i'm kai, but you can call me squishy if you wish~

i mostly draw Belphie from the game Obey Me!, so you'll see a lot of him (oops)

small note: i ship belphie/levi, i will tag any ships between the bros as 'demoncest' so you can filter it out

anyway, feel free to check out my linktree for my various links!

enjoy your stay~

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i have a feeling my next 10 drawings will be catboy related

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_ Ց ﹏__﹏_Ϡ_____
°   ·

also.... catboy merch is official....expect catboy belphie art soon

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anyway yeah expect me to be reblogging cats still, i love the little floofs

the bunny boy art was SUPPOSED to be posted the day the bunny episode of the anime released buuuuut... for some reason i didnt post it and then things happened and now its been like 3 weeks and im only just posting it... whoops

bunny boys bunny boys bunny boys bunny boys-

(also hi im still here Things™ happened but yeah)

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im gonna lmao at them so hard when they find out not only is she hulk a lawyer but also she's a strident feminist

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lewd artwork, exposed panties, no genitals

also heres a lewd version of belphie cosplaying as ruri-chan because i dreamt that someone drew it akshjd

hot demon summer B)
my art for obeymax this year!!

(i probably should've waited until their swimsuit outfits were released but i wanted to get this done before july ended lmao)

aka he didnt get a card in the star related event which is bullshit because he loves stars

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