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Anytime I see someone shitting on ships and the people who ship them, I'm just like "I don't know a single thing about this franchise, but mmmm this ship sure is looking good all of a sudden."

I don't have TIME to watch Good Omens and I'm so mad.

Game of Thrones 

Can't wait for Bran to stand up and start walking so our expectations can be subverted!!

I can’t WAIT for the day when scientists perfect genetic engineering & I can buy my own fat yellow rat that can zap me with its butt

I'm probably in the minority, but I actually enjoy getting comments that say nothing but "please update" 😅

I feel like ‘don’t pit women against each other’ is great when we’re talking about real life, but just doesn’t really work when it’s applied to a TV show with multiple female characters, all of whom have wildly different motives and many reasons to distrust/dislike each other.

Did some off the cuff calculations and if I want to write 100k words this year, I should be writing about 300 words per day.

That's manageable... probably...

What if Palpatine was the real Skywalker all along?

My work laptop runs Windows 7 which I literally haven't used in ten years 😩

Re: the whole Daisygate thing - there was a period of time when I was legitimately annoyed by fandom wank/discourse. But I've realized that I don't ACTUALLY have to argue with idiots, I can just... do whatever I like.

It's very relaxing :)

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the urge to write fanfic is great; the urge to fall asleep face-down on my desk in greater

"Hugo Award nominee starawr"

I like the sound of that.


thank you all for your contributions to my thread about hot anti takes. I have compiled them all into a convenient series of flowcharts. BEHOLD, THE ARBITER OF SHIPPING PROPRIETY. See if your ship can pass ALL FOUR CHARTS.

Two months on from tumblr's adult content ban, and the only tumblr alternative I'm still active on is 😅

Umbrella Academy spoilers 

Also, if it wasn't already clear, Luther is my fave. Lol.

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Umbrella Academy spoilers 

me watching Luther make bad decision after bad decision: baby wyd

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