I can’t WAIT for the day when scientists perfect genetic engineering & I can buy my own fat yellow rat that can zap me with its butt

: Battle Angel was surprisingly fun! Robot fights, football TO THE DEATH, and Alita herself is just so damn cute ❤️

I ordered ANOTHER figurine... someone stop me... they're just so fucking cute...

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Bought these on Taobao last month! (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Belle)

My Elsa and Anna toys are still being shipped 😊

Everytime I say “I like this villain” people on Tungle dot com always believe that I excuse villainous actions and overlook misdeeds, that I romanticize the villain, that I deem the villain to be misunderstood, that I wish for the villain to be redeemed and eventually bone the hero…

…and they are right lmfao. There is literally nothing wrong in doing so, always remember to drink water and woobify your villains daily. 👆

Every time I look at my tumblr header I laugh. Too bad it has the wrong dimensions to be used on Mastodon.

Also it had a LOT of stuff which tickled my very specific fancies - cities running around and eating each other up, Hugo Weaving being entertainingly evil, Bioshock Infinite-esque aesthetic and Kim Jihae as Anna Fang 😍

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