I’m maturing as a person! I’m learning to just tell people to bite me instead of engaging them in debate they think they’ve already won

I immediately distrust anyone who uses the words "normal" and "freak" in lieu of making an actual argument. I don't care which side of The Discourse they're on. That shit is a red flag, and I'm deeply troubled that it's creeping out of strictly anti-ish discourse and into other areas.

Twitter: we are looking into decentralising Twitter.

The Fediverse: ha ha ha BLOCK

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Also I was outside and I've just come in and I have had no time to process what the fuck is going on with the Twitter thing

Hi, I'd like to buy a mode other than "can't start on the thing no matter what" and "can't stop, the thing has taken over my life" please? I've heard other people have them.

shipping discourse, crankiness 

shipping discourse, crankiness 

We really need to stop normalizing corporations "taking inspiration from modders and fan communities" and acknowledge that what's actually happening is a multi-million dollar company taking what someone made for free and monetizing it to their advantage

While paying them nothing at all, might I add.

Antique Blue Bottles with Fairy Lights

Canon SL2 - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 100

#photo #photography #antiques

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It was a rough week for me
so I made another tiny friend to cheer for me and for you in case you need it
I wish you a happy weekend

"I can't speak for everybody. But I will say that for me, when I've been -- and I get depressed. I have irrational bouts of . I have random FedEx deliveries of despondency. Just like, "I didn't order this. Oh, well, keep the PJs on, cancel everything you're doing today. It's time to take a sad shower." That happens to me. So I'm speaking for me with full respect to other people's processes and their experience." - Pete Holmes


oh god I totally stole time from work to make some art I could actually post

Hot take: dramatic irony is infuriating and reduces audience immersion.

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