If you buy a used car, you might want to think about your exposure.

Mastodon is basically what would happen if an evil wizard cast a spell on a Cards Against Humanity deck and turned it into a social network.

Some lessons from web 2.0 

- Everyone on one big virtual server creates a digital feudalism
- Generic interfaces create consistency and familiarity, but are boring
- Advertising as a business model creates moral hazard in the economics sense
- Moderation isn't something you can outsource to a separate department
- Centralized systems can't effectively moderate, or only do so in a feudalistic manner
- Apparent ease of use is often due to hidden labor or the cost/complexity pushed elsewhere as externalities
- Celebrities and brands can only really operate as such within centralized information architecture. Outside of that context they become paper tigers
- Personal information should not be a tradable commodity
- The more destructive elements of society come to monopolize centralized platforms unless actively repressed
- Showing the user more of what they're already seen leads to bad outcomes. Don't try to algorithmically second guess what the user wants
- Algorithmic timelines which users can't control degrade and interfere with their ability to communicate with each other, ultimately to the point where they lose confidence in the platform
- Screen clutter is an inevitable outcome of an advertising business model
- Allowing organizations to buy influence in a community makes the community less real and therefore less desirable to be part of

first #CaptainMarvel reaction: the cat's real name is nyandrew eldritch sorry I don't make the rules

facebook, industrial disaster 

the Texas City disaster killed almost everyone within sight of the Grandcamp, including all but one member of the fire department. It leveled almost a thousand buildings, and knocked two airplanes out of the sky. Lots of people who assumed they were at a safe distance - it was just a ship on fire, no threat to the shore, right? - were well within the range of instant death.

I'm not far enough away to be safe during what's about to happen with Facebook.

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watching the things happening with Facebook these days conjures a certain scene in my head.

I'm standing on the shore in Texas City and watching smoke rise from the SS Grandcamp, noticing the seawater beginning to boil as it comes in contact with the lower hull. I have already left the docks, for fear of them catching fire, and am now watching the trouble from a safe distance.
I ask someone what the cargo is - 2000 tons of ammonium nitrate.
I am not far enough away.

The Winter Soldier just wants to look up some hair care tutorials on YouTube, but he falls down a conspiracy-theory rabbit hole and discovers things he never knew before, like that 9/11 was an inside job and also that he shot JFK

spotted IRL in Somerville, Massachusetts, which probably has more otherkin than southerners per capita

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not being able to find your black sweater bc there are too many black clothes around the room is ultimate goth girlfriends problem

On a scale of one to ten, my ability to suffer fools is at negative fifteen, my ability to not lose my entire shit at dumb things that strike a nerve is maybe negative five, and my ability to tell the difference is... not high enough to make good decisions. I've, uh, I've been trying to severely limit my internet time. For health reasons.

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Fun observations about being off ADHD meds: there is a whole nexus of restless/impatient/discontent feelings the meds suppress, and having them back has caused several unexpected side effects. Like a temporary improvement in my ability to see housework that needs doing and be dissatisfied enough to fix it. Also, apparently, a lot of anger. Like, a lot. Like, maybe I should've been more in touch with those feelings *before* I lost any shred of pharmaceutically-assisted chill I ever possessed.

BTW, you could write a wild-ass grad thesis on how the demise of scarcity affects barter economies based on the seismic shifts in bootleg trading, circa 2004-2012, as bandwidth became cheap, file lockers became ubiquitous, and affordable recording devices became more and more high-quality and concealable. The drama was *constant* and full of flat-out cosmic brain bullshit, it was amazing.

Also this can probably be gathered from context but still needs saying: this is not all about the offhand remark in a Discord server last night, this discourse has been festering for years now and it's built up into a giant berserk button for me. Hence ranting in a sidechannel to keep myself from going in and starting (mostly undeserved) shit.

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tl;dr stop using descriptive observations of subcultural divides to create prescriptive expectations of how things should work within those subcultures. And be super fucking wary of how the whole thing is gendered, because it's easy to hurt people and even easier to make lazy generalizations that resonate but are plain incorrect. The most rabidly curatorial collectors I've ever known are the women and mostly-not-straight men who record and trade musical theater bootlegs. Factor that in or STFU.

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You think a guy building a TARDIS in his garage isn't a creative work? You think it can be accomplished without the detailed stats and screencaps compiled by the autistic nerds who "just collect facts and parrot canon"? You think fanfiction and fanart haven't existed in a symbiotic relationship all along with wikis, transcript and screencap collections, guides, meta, and both in-universe and wider-world research geekery? Fandom infrastructure is curatorial, and y'all couldn't exist without it.

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