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Hello everyone. I'm a writer & artist currently active in & fandoms. Also , -men, and .

If you check out my works, heed the warnings; many involve extreme underage/shota and other problematic things.

Interested in seeing if the fediverse will be an option for fandom.

Arms and the Boy Chapters 8 & Epilogue have been posted. This story is now complete!

Sketching session with friends at the local transportation museum, one of my favourite places to draw. So many fantastic vehicles with tons of interesting details.

#art #drawing #vehicle #car #truck #copic #sketch

thoughts... While I generally like WordPress as a company more than most other social media/blogging companies, and some of the things they say they're thinking about with Tumblr sound like improvements, or at least interesting experiments, the fannish userbase really does need adult content allowable in order to thrive.

So close to posting the last chapter, and epilogue, on Arms and the Boy I can feel it. SO CLOSE.

I’ve been more and more done with both the blind anti and stan sides of the HP fandom for a while now and it’s finally reached its peak. I guess this is a statement that I’m here to play with the content, and I’m not quite sure what to do with fandom going forward. Besides accepting a state of regular annoyance.

Another 1k down on NFSR today. Getting there, ever so slowly, but getting there.

Think I'm going to keep adding what I can of my art here. (And the rest on the other instance.) Slowly coming around to Mastodon....

That in combination with close friends having less time and energy (although for very real reasons) for creative things has been….very difficult.

It’s gotten very lonely, lately, if I’m honest. I try keep making works and yet interaction has dwindled significantly over the last few years. It’s difficult to tell if it’s just the nature of the spaces I’m in lately, being smaller than ones I’ve been in, in the past, or if there are simply dwindling options for the kind of content I like.

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