I've been having a rough time for a while now ending up with niche interests that few, if any, other people are interested in, and even less interested in them in the ways I am. It’s been difficult to tell if this is just coincidence and the natural ebb and flow of things, or if this is indicative of a cultural shift away from “dark” or “questionable” content--where I almost exclusively gravitate to.


That in combination with close friends having less time and energy (although for very real reasons) for creative things has been….very difficult.

It’s gotten very lonely, lately, if I’m honest. I try keep making works and yet interaction has dwindled significantly over the last few years. It’s difficult to tell if it’s just the nature of the spaces I’m in lately, being smaller than ones I’ve been in, in the past, or if there are simply dwindling options for the kind of content I like.

@thepiperofhameln I believe there are spaces for EVERYTHING online ... just maybe not in the more ... "traditional" web where you might be spending most of your time. What kind of "questionable", "dark" content are you creating?

I felt this exact way a year or so ago, and then I suddenly fell into a fandom that swept me off my feet. I find it more rewarding to be in smaller fandoms these days, even if there's less content, it's just nicer somehow.

@Brennuvargur That's good to hear. I have a feeling that this can't last indefinitely.

I'm sure it won't! I feel like as I get older I get more selective regarding the fandoms I get into, which might play into this.

I know it's not fun while you're going through that phase so I hope you find something good soon!

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