Arms and the Boy Chapters 8 & Epilogue have been posted. This story is now complete!

@doctorsidrat I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all, even if it was a promo for your blog. That's not a shameless form of self promotion, that's a friendly invitation to see more, or a "hey come socialize with me if you'd like to" because AO3 isn't set up for socializing. It's common for people to do that with their tumblrs; doing that with DW instead is just fine if that's where you are. And like you said, it might bring more people over to DW.

@shirasade I'm on the flip side and notice how many people like the good guys and don't like the bad guys (or understand why they're compelling), but after a while you just realize that different people relate to different things (and that doesn't make them good or bad people) and the other side having a lot of people doesn't mean there aren't lots of people out there who like the same things you do. Tagging definitely helps us all get along, or using a 'choose not to warn' equivalent.

@shirasade Vast swaths of people like the 'bad guys', vast swaths of people like the 'good guys'. If you fall into one bucket and don't like the other much, you're probably noticing that contingent a lot because it stands out to you and because there are a lot of people in both buckets.

Sketching session with friends at the local transportation museum, one of my favourite places to draw. So many fantastic vehicles with tons of interesting details.

#art #drawing #vehicle #car #truck #copic #sketch

thoughts... While I generally like WordPress as a company more than most other social media/blogging companies, and some of the things they say they're thinking about with Tumblr sound like improvements, or at least interesting experiments, the fannish userbase really does need adult content allowable in order to thrive.

So close to posting the last chapter, and epilogue, on Arms and the Boy I can feel it. SO CLOSE.

I’ve been more and more done with both the blind anti and stan sides of the HP fandom for a while now and it’s finally reached its peak. I guess this is a statement that I’m here to play with the content, and I’m not quite sure what to do with fandom going forward. Besides accepting a state of regular annoyance.

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