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Had a lot of reworking to do on the next chapter, but I finally, finally, got some work done on NFSR.

Labyrinth fandom: 9k fics!

Labyrinth fics that are gay: …13

Why does this keep happening to me?

I rewatched Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and remembered how much I love this movie. Was surprised how much pieces of the music had stayed with me since the first watch years ago.

Hello everyone who's suddenly following me here because my tumblrs were deleted!

I'm still on AO3 and Pixiv if you're looking for my art and stories. And I'll be here on mastodon as well. I'll DM those of you who asked my new tumblr.

Today: Thinking what kind of original story/comic I could come up with, since I have the urge to make something again and fandom has been lacking.

Scrolled through the LT forever and looks like I missed quite a lot the last few days.

I've also been drawing, and none of it I can post. Anywhere. Woo fun

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the franchise, 20th Century Fox has partnered up with Tongal to give fans the opportunity to create their own Alien Universe short films.

Out of 550 entries, six filmmakers were chosen to bring their Alien-inspired stories to life. The shorts are titled Alone, Containment, Harvest, Night Shift, Ore and Specimen.

A new short will be released every Friday through IGN, beginning March 29th.

Followers: I've started posting on baraag if you want to see all the explicit art I can't post here/if you don't want to get a Pixiv account to see it:

I'll probably keep a moderately active presence on both these instances.

This picture is too fucking much like look at him. Look at how overjoyed he is that he is free from the closet and can hug his beloved friend (that's what the passage in the book said)
(we are looking at the two boys who are hugging in the background. In particular the blondie cause it was him who got freed from the closet. How did he get in? Why was he there? I have no idea. Well at least why he was in the physical closet)

Really like this drawing of Joubert.
First, the dramatic lighting
Second, the situation. Probably in context it makes more sense but alas, I have absolutely zero (0) context so... Yeah, a boy with a passive aggressive expression and with a hand ready to stab standing at the entrance to some gremlin cave looks amusing to me

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