I stg trying to find the source of the thing everyone’s sub-tooting about on the federated timeline is giving me flashbacks to when I was on twitter

Someone link me to a thread that explains the academic paper scraping thing plz I’m falling down rabbit holes I don’t wanna go in

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Info about the academic paper whose authors scraped public Mastodon timelines from 300+ instances: likeable.space/notice/9qwGokns

ty to @melodicake who's the real mvp in finding stuff 👍

From the replies in that post:
list of instances that were scraped (use ctrl-f to search): pastebin.com/3i0hjCyB

I don't see fandom.ink

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The complete dataset for the paper can be found here if anyone wants it: dataverse.harvard.edu/dataset.

(do we have a hashtag for this?)

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@tozka You’d need to check the full dataset, imo; even if we weren’t scraped directly, user posts and/or names may still show up as retoots, replies, etc. :\

@alis @tozka LGBT.io where I live was scraped and I certainly do a lot of replying to people on F.ink, so there are almost certainly some folks referenced in there.

@sky @alis maybe, but if their paper was published in January 2019 I assume it took them more than a month to get the data and write about it, and fandom ink only opened in maybe November? December? 2018. I wish I knew what dates were scraped or how to find that info

@tozka @melodicake I want to send them a single-line email: "MA CHE CAZZA FARE!?"
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