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I got to test out the Bokoblin hat! It worked TOO well; I had 7 Bokoblins following me around while I raided their camp for treasure chests

Stumbled across the Big Sword almost completely by accident ("almost" because NPCs kept telling me it was in a forest, and then I found the Lost Forest and thought that seemed suitable so I went into it) but don't have enough hearts to survive getting it, so now I'm trying to find more shrines & farm spirit orbs

I guess I could trade my stamina wheels for hearts but I don't LIKE that spooky statue and I don't WANT it to suck away my stamina 💀

Made it to Gerudo town!! My screenshot folder is filling up with photos of tall women🥰

I actually have enough hearts now to get the Big Whatever sword, so once I’m done looking around here I’ll backtrack and get that, and finish off some other side quests on that side of the continent

Is it worth buying a second set of desert clothes in a slightly different color palette? It’s be super cute to have another outfit option, but maybe it’ll just take up room I’ll need later

Accidentally wandered up to the cult compound and wiped out the cult members in front of the main entrance before I even got the lightning helmet quest. Nice!

Did have to use Youtube videos to get thru the cult compound, because sneaking missions make me nervous.

Managed to get into the secret clothing store to buy Male Clothes, so now I have lots of clothing choices! And am now inside the (actually very dainty) camel and am making good progress, though I'm more confused than I want to be about how to access different parts of the camel.

Gerudo lady: ✨ Sure wish I could remember that other ingredient for my fancy soup! ✨

Me: trying to give her a radish but the GAME WONT LET ME 😭

Why phrase the dialogue exactly like another side quest if you’re not going to make it into an actual side quest, Nintendo??? Mean.

On the one hand it’s SO stupid for Gerudo women to wear high heels in the SAND, on the other hand it is UNFAIR that Link doesn’t get a pair for his Gerudo costume

why does he have to wear stupid ballet flats :(

Last few days have been farting around avoiding the giant metal bird quest. Still trying to find Dinraal— he REFUSES to show up at Tabanatha Bridge no matter what time
I’m there, so now I’m hunting him up near the giant skeleton off Mt Doom

Have also been trying to get more horn shards from whatsit lightning dragon. He respectfully shows up exactly on time at the same location each night, but now so do two cult members 🖕

Okay, so I guess my Dinraal is on a totally weird schedule because he never shows up at any regular time. I missed him at the skeleton at 5:30am, and then fell off the edge of the world trying to get him the next day at 2:30am. Now I'm waiting slightly downwind from the skeleton at 9:30 pm, hopefully far away from the Lynel I just saw prowling around...

!!! Spawned over the skeleton at 1:00 am jfc anyway I finally got a Dinraal scale so now I can complete the Spring of Power quest 🦭

Me: crawling around cliffs trying to find sapphires to sell to the lady in Goron Town

Cult dude: laughs somewhere off screen

Me: 🏃💨

A consequence of avoiding main roads because they’re “too scary” is that I keep finding Stables that I should’ve found HOURS AGO

“too scary” ie “I could be ambushed at any time because these roads are at the bottom of cliffs, so instead I will CLIMB the cliffs and go above the roads!!!”

I defeated a purple lynel! 🤗

I really need to work on a) dodging b) parrying c) not panicking and opening the slate’s zoom feature instead of just moving the camera before I get to Ganon so I guess I’m gonna be killing a lot of lynels for practice

accomplishments: Divine bird has been fixed— I only fell off it once— and I unlocked the tower closest to Hyrule Castle, which means both the divine beasts quest and my map are complete!

Still have a lot of shrine/side quests to do, and I want to finish upgrading all my armor (and finding missing pieces). Kinda nervous about the Calamity Ganon fight, so I’m gonna dodge it until I feel too guilty to not continue the story.

Got the red maned lynel by the Zora Domain, but it only dropped a horn (& weapons) & I need more lynel guts. :( Guess I’m going lynel hunting

Good things about the fight: did not panic-press the zoom button, somehow managed to do the fury slash thing TWICE(??), properly aimed the stasis thing and zapped him before he did his fire-breathing trick

Me: happily reading fanfic

Fanfic: mentions a stable I haven't visited yet

Me: 👁️ 👄 👁️

admittedly I haven't done as much THOROUGH exploring as I probably should have, partly because I'm terrified of Guardians and partly because I spend a lot of time climbing on mountains trying to find gems

Finally watched a how-to kill Guardian Stalkers video and tried it today— I did it! Fairly easily, too, since I had some good Guardian weapons on me. I keep forgetting how useful Stasis+ can be on enemies. It doesn’t hold them for very long, buts it’s just long enough to get close and stab them a lot.

And now I think I have enough parts to get (maybe) a full set of Ancient armor! Of course, I’ll have to go Guardian hunting for more parts to upgrade it...

Meanwhile, a silver Bokoblin killed me in two hits 🙃

I think hinoxes are the cutest monsters in 🥸 they’re just big sleepy guys who hoard weapons and fish!

I’ve only found 132 Korok seeds. 😔 A little embarrassing!

Been avoiding Ganon for almost a week but I’m basically at the point where I’m ready to get in there EXCEPT I wanted to find all the memories before I kill him, to get a better(?) ending. And I am having a VERY hard time finding them on my own. 💀

Tried to get the memory next to the Castle moat and accidentally wandered INTO the Castle, and then down in the dungeons where the Stalnox with the fancy shield was. Lucky I did because I 100% do not understand the castle map & couldn’t have gotten there on purpose

Then I tried to find the memory on the Castle wall and accidentally wandered into one of the Lynel traps! Luckily I won, but now I need more arrows and things. So I left the Castle. 😑

Should I buy the DLC now before I get to the final Ganon fight? Is the extra story/clothes/etc worth forking over the $20?

Screw it, I just saw someone’s video where they had a motorcycle and I definitely want that so I’m buying the DLC!

Me after 150+ hours playing : I’m pretty good at solving shrine puzzles 🥰

EX The Champions’ Ballad quest: 🤡

I caught a Stalhorse! And took it all the way back to the stable, dodging a Silver Lynel and many Stal-monsters on the way! They won’t let me register it tho ._.

: have been busy trying to find the DLC clothes and finishing up the Champions quests things. Super slow-going because I’m trying to not use walkthroughs— and my map isn’t filled out all the way, so some of the places I needed to get to were undiscovered.

Still, making progress! Found maybe 1/4 of the treasures and have gotten to the final monk battle in the quest, where I rage quit because he is TOO FAST

Finally went back and beat the final monk boss in the Champions Trials quest thingamabob & now I have a motorcycle!!! I love it!!! I feed it apples and zoom past monsters!!!!!


I have run over SO many squirrels with this motorcycle 🐿️

Currently following the wall on the Great Plateau (looking for Koroks/ treasure chests) & it's making me itchy for an in-depth history of wtf happened to everything. Like, yeah, there's ruins and stuff from Calamity, but some of the really old structure look like they've been decaying for centuries.

I don't really like fighting games so I didn't want to get Age of Calamity just to get more backstory for but maybe I'll watch the cut scenes and see if there's anything interesting...

Shout out to Wolf Link on YT for making the video that got me started looking obsessively at the details of the game in the first place 👍

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