idk why I have an extra deposit from the IRS in my account but I'm going to spend it on New Pokemon Snap and the new Ace Attorney game coming out in July 🎮

New Pokémon Snap showed up and I am already CRYING because of how cute it is! A plant Pokémon waved at me 😭😭😭

Two photos from New Pokémon Snap: the waving flower Pokémon whose name I can never remember and a very pretty Quagsire sitting in a jungle!

Professor: Can you take a picture of this specific Pokémon doing a specific thing? For science? 🥸

Me: takes 12 pictures of Bidoof’s ass sticking out of its dam

@tozka imagine not sharing your Pokémon pics

@MK I accidentally deleted a really good photo of Bidoof’s ass 😔 very disappointed in myself

@tozka oh, so the Professor is in-game? That makes more sense! XD

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