RESOURCES NEEDED for my Gen X parent to help her understand gender fluid identities / why some people use multiple pronouns / etc. Websites okay, videos probably better, books not the best choice

She’s been hostile towards trans identities in the past so her asking me for more info in a non-confrontational way threw me for a loop & I’d like to send her some more info that isn’t just from me. Ty for your help!

I ended up sending her this Twitter thread: which did a good job of covering not only why someone would use she/they but also how it’s shorthand for she/her and they/them and not a new, confusing pronoun

@tozka does she want to talk directly with a gen x nonbinary person?

@tozka is the hostility more about pronouns or something else?

i was looking for one from beau of the fifth column and found this one that i hadn't seen before, pretty nice

there's also this one which might be useful in a more indirect way

@rosano just general transphobia, mixed with problems from an Evangelical Christian upbringing.

She's gotten much better compared to a few years ago-- Elliot Page's and Demi Lovato's coming out as trans/nonbinary has helped a lot, & we had a big argument about using people's correct pronouns a few months ago-- but she's still working through the "it's new and scary" cis people mindset which is why I was so happy she was actually asking for help

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