Finished watching the first season of Demon Slayer & I really liked it! Neat how they had emotional depth for the demons without excusing their bad behavior because of a tragic past.

I do wish Nezuko had more to do beside sleep all the time…also if she isn’t going to eat humans then why does she have to stay muzzled?

I'm on an anime kick, so I watched:

ERASED, a thriller/mystery about a guy who can travel back in time to prevent tragedies, and who travels 18 years into the past to stop his middle school classmates from being murdered.

I thought it was pretty good, though the last episode was the weakest & the murder plot/murderer's motive seemed really convoluted. Apparently the manga was better at explaining things.

Also watched:

THE WAY OF THE HOUSEHUSBAND, about an ex-Yakuza who got married and now does househusband things. Very funny and surprisingly wholesome. The animation took a bit to get used to (it's more like a "motion comic") but I ended up liking it.

I'm also 4.5 episodes into LITTLE WITCH ACADEMIA and don't know if I'm going to continue. It's gotten really good reviews (and is on several best-of lists) but I don't really vibe with the characters yet

so...idk... 🧹✨

I guess this is a TV thread now:

THE DISASTROUS LIFE OF SAIKI K, season 1: so funny in parts it actually made me laugh out loud. OTOH it’s very fast paced and energetic & I’m exhausted after binging 25 episodes. I’d continue the series except seasons 2-3 aren’t dubbed and idk if I’d be able to keep up with the subtitles

I "accidentally" binge watched the first season of HAIKYUU today and it was REALLY fun! I keep thinking I don't like sports anime and then I always end up enjoying them anyway.

This one is less cheesy than some other shows & I like all the chemistry the characters have with each other. Looking forward to finally reading all that fanfic waiting on AO3 once I finish season 2 (tomorrow, after I do something resembling work).

Finished the 2nd season of HAIKYUU late last night and it was very exciting! I have the 3rd season ready to go soon, too (not on Netflix).

Plus now I've seen enough of the show that I can start reading fanfic without having to worry about major spoilers. Woohoo!

Finished TIGER & BUNNY, a superhero show set in an alternate 1970s pseudo-NYC. I like the character design and some of it was fun, but overall I was kinda bored. It’s very queer (in the way GOOD OMENS is queer) and it has some excellent Ho Yay moments, so I can see why it’s so popular with fandom.

Watched the first season of KAKEGURUI (anime version). It's about an elite high school full of compulsive gamblers who are obsessed with money and psychologically torturing their fellow students.

It's completely bonkers, very over the top, and almost grotesque at some points...I really enjoyed it, weirdly enough, and am planning to watch the 2nd season.

There’s a live action drama version as well which I might watch later…kinda wondering how they handled the lesbian subtext (or rather obvious-text, in some places) tbh

Watched the DEMON SLAYER movie and cried my eyes out. The story itself wasn’t a big deal compared to the TV show episodes, but the (spoiler) took me by surprise. Wasn’t expecting to get THAT emotional but it was really pushing those buttons through the whole course of the movie.

Also finished YURI ON ICE! which I’d never seen despite reading tons of fanfics for it. Really charming show, such a delight to watch.

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