how do i get off the part of tiktok where people argue about which characters are gay or not and if it's okay to ship them if canon says they're straight because it's very annoying


maybe it's because I've been in slash fandoms for decades and am used to ignoring canon for the sake of shipping, but who cares what canon says. make everyone gay in your fanfics, who gives a fuck

(probably it's the homophobes who give a fuck)

remember when sherlock was big and we all shipped lestrade/mycroft even though they never interacted in the canon, that's the kinda thing I want to see in more fandoms

ironically the people who keep arguing in comments about who's gay or not will keep getting slash fandom vids on their FYP because TikTok's algo says they're engaging with that content & thus feeds them more of that content

@tozka that's such a mood. I don't understand this fandom trend at all. I get it as a creative choice for a specific story, or a personal choice if someone just really enjoys that kind of constraint, but why would you police each other over it?

@tozka maybe it's ironically the lack of implicit shared understanding that the creators wouldn't want any slash shipping at all, so you might as well do whatever.

How sad. When I started in fandom, it was just after "Y isn't gay, it's just [character X]" went away - people talked about it, but I never encountered it. This feels like a step backwards - not for any moral values, simply for creative freedom.

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