Watched a Chinese animated show (donghua), DAILY LIFE OF THE IMMORTAL KING (season 1) which is based off a long-running webnovel about an overpowered protagonist trying to live under the radar.

The first half was similar to the SAIKI K series, with the protag trying to fix silly problems w/o anyone finding out about his enormous powers. Second half switched tone & plot to be more serious & action/drama heavy. Both versions on their own are a good story, but the switch was weird.

Watched the first two seasons of HUNTER X HUNTER (2011 version), an action/adventure show about a kid who wants to become a fantasy-version of a bounty hunter.

LOVED the first season and watched it all in one day. Second season was also good but two of the main characters from s1 were gone and I missed their interactions/personalities. Cast didn't feel complete without them.

vague spoiler for DOROHEDORO 

Finished season 1 (and OVAs) of DOROHEDORO, a really weird fantasy show about a guy who got his head turned into a lizard's head.

Really enjoyed the balance between absurd humor & serious emotional stuff, and I liked the relationships between the characters. The "bad guys" definitely stole the show, to the point where I was almost rooting for them to "win."

Did NOT like how it ended without resolving even ONE thread of the main mystery.

Struggled through finishing BLUE EXORCIST season 1, partly because the pacing was so bad. (TWO filler episodes??) It's about the son of Satan (Rin) going to school to be an exorcist, and how everyone hates him because of his parentage.

It's not exactly a depressing show, but it's not happy-go-lucky either. Poor Rin just really wants some friends and the show doesn't want to give him any. Kinda ended on a cliffhanger so I might watch season 2...eventually...


Slowly making my way thru ONE PIECE season 1 & all I’m saying is that it’d go a lot faster if they didn’t spend half the episode focusing on background characters’ reactions to the protags’ fights

@tozka What I'm hearing about One Piece makes it sound like a bad DBZ remake drawn as if by horny teens, is that accurate?

@seachaint I haven't gotten to the horny parts I guess, but I don't think it's very similar to DBZ as there's way more of an emphasis on friendship/working towards goals (which usually aren't "I must be the strongest with big muscles") than what I remember from DBZ. It IS a shonen series though, so the plot beats tend to be similar.

I'm actually really enjoying it, I just wish it was a bit faster-paced, lol

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