So the good news is that my freebie health care plan covers dental stuff including fillings, the bad news is that I can't figure out how to find a dentist that's open to new patients and may have to call the hotline for help 💀

Aha! Nevermind, I found a secondary website that actually has things listed, including whether the dentist is taking new patients. yay!

My old dentist actually accepts my freebie insurance! I have an appointment for next week. I hope it's just a simple filling and not a crown situation, but either way I want to get this taken care of so I can chew on BOTH sides of my mouth again 🦷

visited the dentist 🦷 

Tooth has been looked at & it has a big ol’ cavity! Gonna get it filled next week & hope that takes care of it, otherwise I’ll need a root canal. ☹️ Luckily fillings and root canals are all covered on my insurance (up to a certain point, the root canal needs approval).


Went back to the dentist because it still hurt to chew on that tooth & it turns out the fucking filling fell out. 😵‍💫 gah!

Got a replacement and a follow-up appointment to check on it next week, fingers crossed it’s good enough & I don’t need a root canal/crown.

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