Started playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses and am very disappointed with the lack of mlm pairings. I just want my little nugget protag to get a boyfriend!!

Totally going to choose a different nugget protag next time and get a girlfriend— if I like this game and want to replay it, etc. Just barely got started so I don’t have much of an opinion on it yet…

except that if you’re going to do gay romance options just make ALL the NPCs romanceable sheesh

Accidentally let Hubert die during a mission and panicked because I couldn’t remember if I had picked the “they come back to life” option 💀

(I did, he’s fine!)


Unsurprisingly, I’m more interested in giving NPCs gifts and finding their lost items and treating them to lunch than the fighting & training & whatever

Why are there so many cats in this game if NONE of them can be petted???

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