dental office woes 

finally worked up the nerve to call the dentist to schedule a root canal, and they sent me to voicemail 🙃

dental office woes 

This is actually the third time I’ve tried contacting them about a root canal, and if they don’t call me back by end of day I’m going to an endodontist instead

dental office woes 

Well! The dentist office is now closed and I haven’t received a call. I guess they have until I wake up tomorrow morning before I go to a different office. I don’t get why I’m being ghosted???


Called an endodontist to schedule a consultation and the cost for a root canal is so high it's making me physically ill. That's not even covering a crown, which is a separate fee and will have to be done by a different office. And of course none of it's covered by my state health insurance!

Looking around on Yelp tho and most offices around here seem to charge around the same thing for a similar procedure, which means my old office was the outlier with the too-low prices. Kinda suspicious?

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