I stg every time I get a box filled somehow my room looks MORE full of junk and not less!!! Where is it all coming from???

1 month to finish packing!!

Why do I have so many bedsheets when I only ever use 2 sets

How is it I spent 3 hours packing today and yet the floor looks just as crowded as it did before I started 😤😤😤

Making major packing progress: have unmade 2 shelving units (& vacuumed the carpet that was under them), dragged some more stuff out to be donated, sorted paper into a “to be scanned” pile and now have one box worth of stuff to pack before all that’s left is the stuff I’m still using.

2 weeks left to finish!! 😩


6 days until I move and I'm basically done? I still have to do my bathroom, there's a pile of paper I need to scan, and I need to vacuum my floor, but basically I'm done with all the major stuff and just need to wrap up the small stuff.

The “wrapping up” part of packing is taking longer than I expected 💀 There’s more stuff in my bathroom than I remembered!!

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