Two photos from New Pokémon Snap: the waving flower Pokémon whose name I can never remember and a very pretty Quagsire sitting in a jungle!

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Twitter's doing a new thing with threaded tweets which is...kinda weird...

photo of chocolate bar 🍫 

Found this Tony’s Chocolonely at Grocery Outlet! 😍

Played the demo for SUMMER CATCHERS and really liked it. It's a racing/adventure game with really great art. It has 3 difficulty levels, which I appreciate since I'm not well-known for quick reaction times aren't (I played it on Easy).

It's currently 50% off at the eShop, so I pre-ordered it! Comes out on the Switch February 11th, yay!

I finished JENNY LECLUE, DETECTIVU last night at like 2am and immediately wrote a review for it this morning, so you KNOW I enjoyed playing it: