@quinnhempstead I'm just a sucker for friendship stories and it felt like Blue Exorcist was edging me every other episode 😅

@quinnhempstead Yeah, season 2 is basically all in the skyscraper thing. I did like seeing more of Hisuka's creepy face! Now I'm a few episodes into season 3 and Kurapika is finally back.

Netflix says it has 148 episodes, which I think is the entire run-- apparently they just added the last few seasons this summer, which is lucky!

Struggled through finishing BLUE EXORCIST season 1, partly because the pacing was so bad. (TWO filler episodes??) It's about the son of Satan (Rin) going to school to be an exorcist, and how everyone hates him because of his parentage.

It's not exactly a depressing show, but it's not happy-go-lucky either. Poor Rin just really wants some friends and the show doesn't want to give him any. Kinda ended on a cliffhanger so I might watch season 2...eventually...

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vague spoiler for DOROHEDORO 

Finished season 1 (and OVAs) of DOROHEDORO, a really weird fantasy show about a guy who got his head turned into a lizard's head.

Really enjoyed the balance between absurd humor & serious emotional stuff, and I liked the relationships between the characters. The "bad guys" definitely stole the show, to the point where I was almost rooting for them to "win."

Did NOT like how it ended without resolving even ONE thread of the main mystery.

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Watched the first two seasons of HUNTER X HUNTER (2011 version), an action/adventure show about a kid who wants to become a fantasy-version of a bounty hunter.

LOVED the first season and watched it all in one day. Second season was also good but two of the main characters from s1 were gone and I missed their interactions/personalities. Cast didn't feel complete without them.

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Watched a Chinese animated show (donghua), DAILY LIFE OF THE IMMORTAL KING (season 1) which is based off a long-running webnovel about an overpowered protagonist trying to live under the radar.

The first half was similar to the SAIKI K series, with the protag trying to fix silly problems w/o anyone finding out about his enormous powers. Second half switched tone & plot to be more serious & action/drama heavy. Both versions on their own are a good story, but the switch was weird.

Am I gonna cry if I watch BANANA FISH or is it more an “oh, that’s a bummer” kind of situation? I only know vague reactions from when it first aired and people freaked out on Tumblr.

Also finished YURI ON ICE! which I’d never seen despite reading tons of fanfics for it. Really charming show, such a delight to watch.

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Watched the DEMON SLAYER movie and cried my eyes out. The story itself wasn’t a big deal compared to the TV show episodes, but the (spoiler) took me by surprise. Wasn’t expecting to get THAT emotional but it was really pushing those buttons through the whole course of the movie.

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There’s a live action drama version as well which I might watch later…kinda wondering how they handled the lesbian subtext (or rather obvious-text, in some places) tbh

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Watched the first season of KAKEGURUI (anime version). It's about an elite high school full of compulsive gamblers who are obsessed with money and psychologically torturing their fellow students.

It's completely bonkers, very over the top, and almost grotesque at some points...I really enjoyed it, weirdly enough, and am planning to watch the 2nd season.

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visited the dentist 🦷 

Tooth has been looked at & it has a big ol’ cavity! Gonna get it filled next week & hope that takes care of it, otherwise I’ll need a root canal. ☹️ Luckily fillings and root canals are all covered on my insurance (up to a certain point, the root canal needs approval).

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Finished TIGER & BUNNY, a superhero show set in an alternate 1970s pseudo-NYC. I like the character design and some of it was fun, but overall I was kinda bored. It’s very queer (in the way GOOD OMENS is queer) and it has some excellent Ho Yay moments, so I can see why it’s so popular with fandom.

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Finished the 2nd season of HAIKYUU late last night and it was very exciting! I have the 3rd season ready to go soon, too (not on Netflix).

Plus now I've seen enough of the show that I can start reading fanfic without having to worry about major spoilers. Woohoo!

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practice self care by doing a breathing exercise at lunch. take a walk away from your desk for 15 minutes to recenter. be unavailable for calls and texts between the hours of 1am and noon. quit your job and never return. leave a series and cryptic messages and clues in your bedroom. move into the nocturnal animal enclosure at the zoo. they will never find you.

I "accidentally" binge watched the first season of HAIKYUU today and it was REALLY fun! I keep thinking I don't like sports anime and then I always end up enjoying them anyway.

This one is less cheesy than some other shows & I like all the chemistry the characters have with each other. Looking forward to finally reading all that fanfic waiting on AO3 once I finish season 2 (tomorrow, after I do something resembling work).

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ironically the people who keep arguing in comments about who's gay or not will keep getting slash fandom vids on their FYP because TikTok's algo says they're engaging with that content & thus feeds them more of that content

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remember when sherlock was big and we all shipped lestrade/mycroft even though they never interacted in the canon, that's the kinda thing I want to see in more fandoms

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(probably it's the homophobes who give a fuck)

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maybe it's because I've been in slash fandoms for decades and am used to ignoring canon for the sake of shipping, but who cares what canon says. make everyone gay in your fanfics, who gives a fuck

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