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(I’m much better about marking/remembering books I’ve completely read but the DNF’d ones tend to slip by me…)

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Started ANOTHER book that I read and forgot! Maybe another DNF book? Took me until almost a quarter of the way thru to realize it. I can’t remember if I liked it…it’s not terrible so far, so I’m gonna continue reading it

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cw food 

I am craving:
Chocolate croissant
Apple dumpling
Carrot cake
Ginger cake
Fruit gummy snacks


Of course I never noted it down or anything; I was very lax about that for the last 3-ish years. -_- But I'm pretty sure that if I'd read it and liked it, I would remember THAT at least.

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Started reading a book and realized that I'd either already read it, or I read PART of it and never finished (because I didn't like it). Now I'm not sure if I should try reading it again or if I should just read something else...

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Good news! opened a day early. If you live in the US, you can order four free at-home rapid COVID tests. They just want your name and mailing address. Super simple.

The temporary filling/crown thing has a weird lip on it so now I get to worry about accidentally yanking it out before my next appointment 😒

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dental office woes pt 9 

If they aren't able to complete root canal/tooth keeps bleeding, then the whole thing will have to be yanked out 💀 Next appointment is on Monday, so fingers crossed that I don't have any major problems before then

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dental office woes pt 8 // CW blood 

Went to do root canal today and roots were so inflamed they started bleeding. Dentist was very surprised I wasn't in more pain prior to treatment! Unfortunately, the last root kept bleeding, so they weren't able to finish & I have to go back next week to complete it.

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($6 is definitely less than what my dad paid for the first one in 2000-something and that’s kinda funny in a really depressing way)

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There’s no reason to panic about a Beanie Baby but I hate the feeling of looking for something, not finding it, and then not knowing what happened to the thing. Buying another copy (for $6!) kinda fixes the “problem” since at least I’ll know where THAT one is

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This webpage will exploit your LG webOS smart TV, gain local root privileges, and install the webOS Homebrew Channel.

Spent an hour panicking about a childhood Beanie Baby I supposedly have but can’t find and am not sure I kept after all?? So I bought another one on eBay. If the original one shows up I guess I’ll have two!

@alpine_thistle and as a teen I discovered fanfic, manga scanlations, and British comedy shows, soooooo 🤷

@alpine_thistle these books for me: Harriet the Spy, The Westing Game, Charmed Life

And movies: The Mummy and the Indiana Jones series

Nintendo membership thing is doing a free "trial" of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for a week! It's pretty fun EXCEPT Capt Toad is the SLOWEST Mario character I've EVER controlled

@gold_pen_leaps Yes!! and they never seem to get contacts, either

@Satsuma ha, maybe! But there’s also a lot of “the glasses are physically getting in the way and I don’t want to bother figuring out how to accommodate them when we make out so off they go” in romance books which is equally annoying

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