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Also figured out I can turn off the motion controls for the psychic powers or whatever which makes it MUCH easier to control where I’m throwing that rock I accidentally picked up

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So far I have thrown one (1) club because I couldn’t figure out how to cancel the throwing action once I started it BUT it was mostly broken anyway so I guess that’s okay

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anyway I'm going to restart Breath of the Wild and this time I will NOT throw all my weapons over cliffs!!!!

cw covid19-- California's got a new variant 

"That mutant, which belongs to a lineage known as CAL.20C, seemed to have popped up in July but lay low till November. Then it began to quickly spread.

CAL.20C accounted for more than half of the virus genome samples collected in Los Angeles laboratories on Jan. 13, according to a new study that has not yet been published."

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cw covid19-- California's got a new variant 

"[..] another variant of the virus — separate from the one that spread in Britain — was found throughout the state.

Although it is still unknown whether the variant is deadlier or more transmissible than other forms of the virus, it was found in more than half of samples researchers tested last week in Los Angeles, suggesting that it may be a driver of the region’s crisis."

started listening to The Empty Bowl. It's basically the perfect background noise podcast because the hosts are SO CHILL and talk about topics I don't care about so I don't even have to pay attention

my neighbors are having a quinceañera -- mostly it's cars driving by with huge bass speakers blasting, but also I see groups of people with no masks on...

the HBO Max kids movie tab is RIDICULOUSLY badly filtered. Misplaced movies include: Austin Powers, Crazy Rich Asians, Bicentennial Man (a children's classic /s), data science documentaries, many early 2000s romantic comedies, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Played the demo for SUMMER CATCHERS and really liked it. It's a racing/adventure game with really great art. It has 3 difficulty levels, which I appreciate since I'm not well-known for quick reaction times aren't (I played it on Easy).

It's currently 50% off at the eShop, so I pre-ordered it! Comes out on the Switch February 11th, yay!

I have so many PC/Mac games to play but all I want to do is veg out with my Switch instead 😴

also found a buttload of unfinished video game reviews which I totally forgot about...maybe I can get those knocked out today

I finished JENNY LECLUE, DETECTIVU last night at like 2am and immediately wrote a review for it this morning, so you KNOW I enjoyed playing it:

does anyone else remember a project from a few years ago (maybe a decade ago idk) about someone making an off-grid ereader filled with .txt files that was solar-powered? there was also something about being able to trade books with people, so I think it took SD cards... (so not a hacked Kindle)

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i don't understand people who download survival manuals "just in case" they lose internet access because of doomsday, but don't ALSO have a solar-power/generator source for, y'know, powering their laptops to get access to those manuals

Made projects in Asana for tracking my progress thru various paid classes I bought and never finished. I would like to finish at least ONE by the end of spring so I don’t feel like I wasted ALL of my money. I’m like halfway thru two of them so hopefully finishing won’t be too hard...

Animal Crossing, of course! But I've been playing it for so long that some of the sparkle has been lost...

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basically I want to play Wandersong again, but for the first time? y'know?

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searching for new games to play be like

"adventure game where you find and collect things but no combat but you make friends and the art is nice"

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