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Got my first vax shot! 💪

My arm hurts, but not enough to warrant any medicine. I AM starting another listen of TAZ Balance tho, and I bought a lot of clementines to try a TikTok thingy I saw the other day

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

There’s more story involved besides selling stuff in your store— like sometimes in the dungeons you’ll find journal entries of the people who were there before, and neighbors will reminisce about your grandfather/family.

Anyway, I’ve unlocked the 2nd dungeon and am now trying to upgrade my store/armor which should help with the dying thing

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Picked up Moonlighter when it was on sale the other day & started playing it last night— it’s really fun! You play a store owner in a town next to mysterious dungeons & you have to stock your store by finding stuff in them.

I have it set on “easy” mode since I prefer focusing on exploration/story and it’s still tricky enough that I keep dying in the dungeons & losing my $$$ loot

Shout out to Wolf Link on YT for making the video that got me started looking obsessively at the details of the game in the first place 👍

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I don't really like fighting games so I didn't want to get Age of Calamity just to get more backstory for but maybe I'll watch the cut scenes and see if there's anything interesting...

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Currently following the wall on the Great Plateau (looking for Koroks/ treasure chests) & it's making me itchy for an in-depth history of wtf happened to everything. Like, yeah, there's ruins and stuff from Calamity, but some of the really old structure look like they've been decaying for centuries.

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WANDERSONG is currently at an all-time low sale price of $4.99 for the ! This was one of my favorite last year and I highly recommend picking it up

Game site:

My review:

I have run over SO many squirrels with this motorcycle 🐿️

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Finally went back and beat the final monk boss in the Champions Trials quest thingamabob & now I have a motorcycle!!! I love it!!! I feed it apples and zoom past monsters!!!!!

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why is it every time the weather suddenly turns warm I have the urge to read early 2000s chick lit/romance books

cw covid vaccine 

Finally read a letter from my insurance that I’ve been avoiding for a month and

a) they’re giving people a $25 gift card per vaccine shot (including kids, once under-16s are eligible)
b) they have a “queue” website that’ll let me know when there’s an available appointment

*\o/* This is GREAT because I haven’t been able to find an open appointment & I dreaded having to check multiple website every day. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get vaccinated before the summer!!

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Does your D&D game need 100 shopkeepers?

No? That's way too many?

Well too bad. I wrote 100 shopkeepers and now it's your responsibility to justify the way I spend my time by using this resource in your game:

The individual Champions’ quests were really fun! It was nice to have more interactions with the NPCs, and getting the extra cutscenes. Plus, baby Sidon!

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: have been busy trying to find the DLC clothes and finishing up the Champions quests things. Super slow-going because I’m trying to not use walkthroughs— and my map isn’t filled out all the way, so some of the places I needed to get to were undiscovered.

Still, making progress! Found maybe 1/4 of the treasures and have gotten to the final monk battle in the quest, where I rage quit because he is TOO FAST

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Have been playing Cozy Grove since it dropped last week and it’s pretty fun. But! It’s only meant to be played maybe 20 min a day and some quests take multiple days to complete...and I am impatient! So now my Switch is living about 5 days in the future while I try to help these depressing ghost bears by finding rare seashells

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Twitter's doing a new thing with threaded tweets which is...kinda weird...

apparently the robot police dogs are supposed to be there for surveillance but...the faceless camera with legs and dangerous joints is just SO creepy

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it's in response to this tweet about disabling ROBOT POLICE DOGS who have joints apparently designed to CRUSH FINGERS:

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