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Totally going to choose a different nugget protag next time and get a girlfriend— if I like this game and want to replay it, etc. Just barely got started so I don’t have much of an opinion on it yet…

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Started playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses and am very disappointed with the lack of mlm pairings. I just want my little nugget protag to get a boyfriend!!

the dissonance between seeing a 36-year-old and thinking "that's old!" and then remembering that I'm going to be 34 this year

Happy new year to my fellow West Coast people!

mice infestation pt. 2 

found some more mouse poopies! in the drawer with my grandmother and great-grandmother's linens.


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the state sent me a surprise stimulus check! :D and also denied my dental procedure claim lmfao

they added some new interactions with domesticated animals! this dog just wiped its ass with the streets of NYC

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btw what is this “gang stalkers” business

I’M the one who kills people from bushes!!! how dare they infringe on my copyright

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Finally made it to the part of the game where stuff starts getting good! (Maybe?) I’m in a major town and I’ve made new friends!

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Also in the last game I got injected with a mystery poison (by my coworker!!!) and my manager made me go back to work right away. I would NOT want to work for this company!!!

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Started playing Assassin’s Creed: Rogue!

Okay, I know Abstergo is not a great company anyway but they keep violating all kinds of health and safety laws. Like, the elevators are down and there’s NO way off this floor? Who let them build this building with NO emergency staircases??

After trying a few other games and not really clicking with them, decided to just play the Assassins Creed: Black Flag DLCs. Started with Aveline’s story— she should’ve been a protag in a main story tbh

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Major update for Cozy Grove dropped! I really appreciate how quickly they’ve both added new stuff AND fixed bugs and increased usability. It’s a much better/more fun game from when it first came out!

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reason 2 wear masks even after covid 

:verified: be like other countries, wear them when ur sick :dragnheart:
:verified: conventions. sick of yearly con crud? wear a cute mask :dragnheart:
:verified: wear them during winter and avoid flu! maybe even help end the flu epidemic itself!! :dragnheart:
:verified: don't let genetics control ur face. make face look how u want it with Mask Power :dragnheart:
:verified: defeat government facial recognition :dragnheart:

I still have side quest stuff I can finish but it’s all extra stuff that won’t help with the plot. Annnnd I kinda want to play something else instead of chasing 100% completion

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Finished Black Flag! Kind of an anticlimactic ending…maybe I would’ve liked it more if I’d played the earlier games? :/

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Saints Row 4 is on sale for the Switch at $2.79. Having never played the series (or GTA), is it worth picking up at that price? Seems like a lot of mixed reviews

it was 48* when I woke up this morning-- that's pretty cold for SoCal! Everyone in the house has on flannel PJs and heated blankets

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