I don't quite get Ami Yamato's thing in general. I think she's generally a slice of life vlogger who happens to be CG. But this week she's playing around with Star Trek.


DS9, Trans Julian 

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be "You Suck at Cooking", but it's pretty ominous for a video about recreating a recipe from Hannibal to cut off at "featuring You".

There's talk of a five week general shutdown, which I would welcome if I could still have the things I need or the money and means to get them. But then I think about how "getting them" means either delivery or going to grocery stores, and if either of those essential industries are still running, then so would my retail shipping store, so I'll still be out working.

An interviewer reading notes off an iPad looks more like Star Trek characters using PADDs than I expected.

Non-essential trips does not include going to work. Mail and shipping are considered an essential service and we'll be staying open even if the city shuts down.

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Well, it's been a rough month financially, but I got my copy of Superman Smashes the Klan and I'm done making non-essential trips.

The chair is because we had to throw away my pretty nice desk chair due to suspected infestation three weeks ago.

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Also remembered too late to go out that I still have a comic book the store pulled for me a month ago that I still haven't gone to buy.

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My last day off for wedding stuff but everybody's gone home and my wife has to work checklist:

✔️ Deposit wedding gift check
✔️ Get gas
✔️ Get marriage license recorded
✔️ Return overdue movie to library
❌ Pick up holds at library (all branches closed for two weeks)
✔️ Check at post office for lost package (not there, but I already got a refund)
✔️ Read comic book that was about to come due before library closure
✔️ Respond to census as a married household
✔️ Buy cheap folding chair for desk

What I installed SubtitleEdit for: had an upward trend in professional requests for transcription for titling purposes and SRT tweaks and I wanted get something easier to use than Aegisub, which was the one the office I had interned at recommended.

What I actually use SubtitleEdit for: things that my wife and I want to watch are often unavailable in Spanish on streams or library DVDs, so I have to download a rip and either source & resync ESP subs or use SE's autotranslate on an ENG track.

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Secretary Leslie Knope summarizes COVID-19 projections in cabinet meeting.

There's a billboard I drive past a lot lately that's just a website called What's After ATX. With no context, I thought it was about planning career moves out of Austin, ahead of the curve as the city's still growing rapidly.

I got an online ad from the campaign and I clicked on it. Turns out it's about Near Death Experiences. Why does a website about NDEs have an advertising budget? Why are they specific to this city?

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Look, I’ve seen a lot of great ideas for Reed Richards casting, but your boy-next-door Reeds and your cold, hard Reeds are both wrong.

I want someone with “I meant to come to dinner but I had 50 ideas” energy.

Honestly kinda this guy.

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Why is "Awkwafina Is" officially part of the title of Nora From Queens? Yes, it gets attention in promotional media, but once my attention is gotten, it's just cumbersome. I delete that part when I've finished downloading.

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