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Hey are sex dolls alive in the Toy Story universe, anyway have a great weekend

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I've only ever seen Frank Langella in stuff from the 90s and later, playing middle aged and older. Here's a still from a movie he appeared in in 1971. Totally different type.

eBay's support options are "read the FAQ", "call us", or "ask the community", so I have taken the option "send a tweet to askeBay on Twitter".

I'm a little surprised there aren't more joke listings on Marketplace, I guess.

It's one thing to remember someone on their birthday or not remember them. I know my birthday, my brother's, and a couple who are holidays. For everyone else I want to observe the birthday of, I put the date in my calendar and I know the month, and when it's that month I look in my calendar and refresh myself on the day.

My girlfriend was hurt last week that I didn't know hers for an application, and then again when she sprang a pop quiz on me today. She says checking the calendar is cheating.

Though I certainly get the "well, it was more affordable to buy it at auction and fix it up than to get a flat in town" reasoning.

I got a random rec for Restoration Home, a British show that's fully (?) available on YouTube, and I'm starting from the beginning. I can't say that living in a renovated medieval church is all that appealing to me even before you factor in that it's only the nave, not the tower, which still belongs to the Church proper, the lawn is a graveyard that must remain open to the public, and it's regularly flooded out (which is why the place has fallen into disrepair).

so like Trump is out there today calling himself the King of Israel and the Chosen One so let's reminisce about this 2016 comic of mine

Serious sideeye to the song "Dixieland" with lyrics like "I wish I was in the land of cotton/ old times there are not forgotten".

Actually the words my keyboard thinks I mean as I glide type, without corrections:

1. Alive your thin from let to letter sourcing of the when and release when cubed teaching the path between wuss.

2. Wing.

Using gesture typing with English keyboard dictionary:

1. Slide your thumb from letter to letter and release when you've finished tracing the path between words.

2. Wrong.

Using gesture typing with English and Spanish dictionary enabled at the same time:

1. Slide your thumb from letter to letter and release when finished.

2. Estuvo.

I'd rather have a dozen movies about Dracula fighting Sherlock Holmes than one single media company decimating the concept of public domain for the sake of their comic book blockbusters

I'd like to hope that when sapient AI develops, we won't have the baggage of historical prejudice as an excuse to hold them down and can meet them as our peers or progeny.

But I doubt it.

For one thing, computers have been our unquestioned servants for a few generations now and we've been moving the goalposts on what intelligence means ever since we figured out how to get machines to think for us.

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MARVEL STUDIOS: say hello to our films' relatable awkward teen hero, Gwenpool

SONY: hey no stop, Gwen Stacy is still Spider-Man IP you can't

MARVEL: ha ha (and we can't believe this distinction finally paid off), Actually,

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Women in general are braver than the US Marines.

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