Me in college: Sometimes girls name their breasts, and I may as well have a sense of humor about my manboobs, so maybe I should think of n-- Aloysius and Brian. Not gonna get any better than that.

Wow, Mirror Barclay and Mirror Troi trying to infiltrate the Enterprise we know dressed in season one jumpsuit and Cosmic Cheerleader because their intel is out of date though.

I just remembered that there's a scene in the novel Imzadi where Deanna tells Will that they need to tamp down his sexual fixation on her by doing this respected Betazoid mediating technique where they go out into the woods, undress, lie down back to back, and talk about anything but sex. Then as soon as they lie down, she turns around and spoons him from behind (and they do talk about unsexy things). Will later asks Deanna's psych mentor about it and he says he's never heard of such a method.

I read Wonder Woman Rebirth vol. 2 (Year One) and I hope that vol. 3 of Rebirth is continuing from there rather than going back to the present day of the previous volume just yet because I really don't want to skip the process of getting from A to Z. (So much that could be made of going from Barbara Ann and Etta flirting at each other in this one to Barbara getting seduced by a god and becoming the Cheetah)


Take away for the day- You can get impeached for lying about a blowjob but not for meeting with foreign spies multiple times who are actively working to overthrow our free elections- Got it!


hahahahahaha the guy who was all "I want to move in tomorrow! I want to reserve it right now!" found a place for cheaper and took a long time to get around to telling me and I'm back at the beginning a fourth time.

@Taweret I just realized the caption could refer to any Enterprise, but I first read it as being about the NX-01.

This is the least relaxed I've ever seen someone wearing a baseball cap. @Taweret

You ever show up at your scheduled shift time in the uniform of your new job to give notice that you're quitting immediately just to flex on your brother?

Though I'm in the position of getting scheduled for 37 hour weeks because managers aren't allowed to let store employees go into overtime (cancelling out my higher wage compared to my last job that I was putting in 44 hour weeks), but at the same time my days are way too long for the work I do.

Rom's union demands sick pay, vacation pay, shorter shifts, days off... all things I would like from my employer now.

Also I really liked the exchange from the first episode, "I expected Spock would be with you." "We all need to manage our expectations."

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