A lot of job postings I look at say they want "10Key" experience, which I wasn't sure if it just meant using the number pad or, since it's such a particular term, if it's some kind of database software. I finally looked it up and it's the former, which is a little weird that they all call it exactly that, and not something clearer like "number pad entry".

I wonder how intended (probably not at all) the parallel is between how the 24th century remembers Zefram Cochrane and how he really is when the Enterprise crew meet him versus how Some Trek Fans remember Gene Roddenberry and what you learn about him when you dig into primary sources.

A shuffle playlist in progress for the mood of the week.

The initial seed for this was "The Plagues" but I added a lot of other songs that fit the mood and I'm pruning what doesn't as it comes up in shuffle mode.


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As a…
– Google Image Search user
I want to…
– be redirected to Pinterest
so that…
– I can use the modal overlay to create an account, to access the link to the Reddit post which has the Imgur link to the image I was looking for

Welp, some of the casting announcements for Strange New Worlds are probably revving up some very loud and annoying parts of the fandom who thought that SNW was going to be the show that saved Trek for them.

I don't really get why my boss has been giving me 7 hour opener shifts to keep me at 35ish hoursfor months because "we're not busy enough for this much payroll", but when I put a mid shift 9-5 for myself on the schedule, he tacks on an extra 30-60 minutes, which so far has been mostly sitting around between 4:45 and 6.

Cost of spaying our dog at the full service vet we've been going to: ~$500

Cost of a spay at the low cost clinic subsidized by donations: < $100

Freemium software, a story in two acts 

CCleaner a few months ago: "Hey! We automatically update your CCleaner for you now."
Me: Finally.
CCleaner: "And now we're gonna open a window that makes you dismiss an invitation to download junk before you can close the window every time you log in!"
Me: Hey Google? Show me CCleaner alternatives.

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Freemium software, a story in two acts 

CCleaner for years: "Hey! It's time to update again! Just open the website, click past the invitation to buy an upgrade, scroll past another invitation to upgrade, and then uncheck the box in the updater that will put junk you didn't ask for on your computer!"

Me: Ugh, this is a pain.

I think I've found the last piece of what bugs me about a lot of Mark Rober's videos. I already knew he's clickbaity, but there's no story. It's an after action report breadcrumbing the shinies. I want his videos to be Mythbusters, but Mythbusters was better with suspense. You didn't always know what the result was going to be or where they were going. Rober says "here's a taste of the result, but I'm going to keep teasing what you came for while distracting you with other cool stuff."

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me, a muslim, raised with zero qualms about women’s reproductive rights and healthcare.

you all, living under christian white supremacy: im so scared this is just like being a muslim

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AyeshaASiddiqi/sta

My wife learned that these other series of Star Trek I've been talking about are not about Kirk and Spock and she is NOT HAPPY.

Good Omens fandom is delightfully weird. Someone on Tumblr asked Gaiman if he can reveal any changes for the second series of the Amazon show, he responded that David Tennant wasn't available and instead Crowley will be played by a stack of fennecs in an overcoat, and now I can't go a day without seeing art of Fennec Crowley.

I want to take a moment to appreciate that the statement the Jeopardy team put out about firing Mike Richards as EP says that they hoped that him stepping down as host would make everyone stop caring that he's a corrupt producer.

Fansphere today: TOS, Voyager, and Enterprise are leaving Netflix!!!

Me, who pretty much exclusively watches TNG and DS9, and owns TOS on bluray: Okay. Losing Voyager sucks a bit.

Hot Fuzz cold spoiler 

We watched Hot Fuzz last night and man, the reveal that the murders aren't a complicated financial scheme, it's just a bunch of old people so committed to their dream of an idyllic simpler community which probably never existed that they're willing to murder anyone who doesn't fit in that dream really hits differently now than it did a decade ago.

My current sleep schedule is something like, get up at 7, get to work at 8:30, get home about 4, fall asleep between 5 and 6, get up between 7 and 10:30, go back to bed between 1:30 and 2:30, maybe lying awake for an hour trying to sleep.

One of the most pointless options on Wordpress is to crosspost your long-form blog as a tweet chain. The whole point of being on Wordpress is that you don't have to break up your long-form thoughts and articles into 80 pieces.

When Texas flips blue in the next decade or two thanks to population shifts, I wonder if the stalwart conservatives will exodus to somewhere more welcoming like Wyoming on a scale that accidentally fixes electoral representation.

Who am I kidding? They're just going to retreat into the rural spaces of Texas and glare at the kids on their lawn.

I can't find my social security card. I know it's around here somewhere, but I looked into getting it replaced, and it turns out it's surprisingly easy, and the account you make also gives you insights into social security benefits.

Uh... even if Social Security lasts that long, it's not gonna be the only thing I live off of. Maybe if I don't have to pay rent or property taxes.

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