Next doc I get to transcribe for, I'm going to make a habit of dropping inflation notes in the transcript whenever they talk about numbers being smaller back in the day than now. Sure, even adjusting for inflation, a $14k minimum salary in 1974 ($75k in 2021) is blown away by a common $10M salary in the modern industry, but it's also hardly peanuts.


Steak-umm is taking it to Neil deGrasse Tyson and I am here for this battle of the titans.


I read this: “If you put a lasagna on top of another lasagna, you still have one lasagna” 🤯

At first was like “neat!”

Hours later, I’m trying to convince everyone around me that lasagna can reproduce asexually by splitting layers until only an open-faced pasta sandwich remains

Luigi: But Maario, we were-a gonna split the family membership and-a play together!

Mario: Quiet bro, I'm-a playing Splatoon.

Crowdfunding sausage-making 

That said, I've gotten to see the backend of a couple of crowdfund campaigns by a small studio and I can't say this is true of all of them, but there's a lot of pumping from producers and their families using pseudonyms. One of the executive producers I've worked with had his email address associated with like five high-dollar pseudonyms on a couple of campaigns and his even more "comfortable" parents seem to be double-dippers.

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Browsing a bunch of Kickstarter rewards for a show and daydreaming about having the ability to drop the kind of money that the "meet and greet", "your ideas go in the show", "diamond-encrusted platinum superproducer" rewards levels... and then selecting the "Bluray and an enamel pin" reward, just to make their heads swim.

Doctor Who, lewd wordplay 

All I meant to say was that this episode keeps cutting back to the Master furiously Doctor-baiting, I don't see why a slip of the tongue got you so upset.

Okay, why was "simple door chime" like fifteen different options deep in the smart doorbell's inside chimer behind a whole bunch of 10-second MIDI arrangements of classical and public domain music? This thing has to be plugged in to change those settings, which usually means like ankle level, and then you have to click the music note button to step through all the options.

Overdrive audiobooks are one whole CD of audio per mp3 file, but the track info is an XML file I was able to write a Python script to read and then break up the files using mp3splt.

While I'm a bit of a power user, it's just ridiculous that I was able to do this without doing any kind of cracking, reverse-engineering, or encryption breaking. The most complicated thing I had to figure out was their playlist XML.

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I don't listen to audiobooks as voraciously as I used to because I don't spend my workdays driving now, but some digital holds I placed like three years ago came up, so I got to wade back into Overdrive a little and I'm still amused that their desktop app downloads totally DRM-free MP3 files I was able to find in my Music folder and copy out so due dates don't apply to me anymore and I can burn CD-RWs the way I want them.

I wonder where ad-supported mobile games are making their money when so many of the ads they serve are for other ad-supported games.

I suspect it's scamming venture capital investors.

"MLB minimum salary in 1969 was $11.5k a year. They couldn't support their families on that!"


Ta-Nehisi Coates got off twitter years ago, has fun writing comics in which he can make fun of reactionary dorks, they get mad on here about literal cartoon characters, but there’s no account to harass or manager to complain to. buddy that’s 12-dimensional chess


Thinking today about how my one interaction with my freshman academic advisor in college was him ordering me to drop a class I was personally interested in because I didn't strictly need it as an elective, so every semester after, I went to bother my departmental advisor to get his approval on my choices before signing up for classes.

Every one of those meetings went "let's see where you are on credits. Wow, you're doing fantastic, you can do whatever you want."

This means that the Enterprise's holodeck is always on when we see it, even when someone's just in there for repairs. I sure hope that the "if we just pull the plug, all matter including the crew members will be disintegrated" bug gets fixed.

This also suggests that the massive apparent size of the room could be an illusion. Is it much smaller and more reasonably sized? Is it actually a whole deck like the name implies?

I wish we could see the grid get turned off and on.

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I always thought the holodeck grid on TNG was a physical part of the room that the holosuites and Voyager era holodeck didn't use, but it occurred to me recently that it's probably a default skin to hide the emitters, the equivalent of the transparency pattern in Photoshop, and saying that makes me think I've seen someone else express that idea before.

Jesus saw his shadow, twelve more months of sinners.

Things I don't mind telling before they're revealed: what's going to happen, who it's going to happen to, easter egg references.

But when you ask me "how is it going to happen", I want to tear my hair out because finding out is The Point of Watching.

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My wife does not like mysteries. While she enjoys Star Trek, she's always asking me the questions that the stories are about solving.

I thought this was just part of how she finds the worldbuilding confusing and thinks the mysteries are plot components she's expected to have picked up on, but it turns out she just hates the suspense. We watched The Menagerie Part 1 last night and at the end she told me "tell me what happened to Pike and what Spock is up to or we're not watching part 2".

Our oven uses digital temperature setting and the buttons are the flat membrane kind that the first time I used them I didn't think I was pressing hard enough and actually poked out the console, so it's pretty annoying that its default setting is 350 and just about everything I use the oven for is 425.

When you hold down the button it goes up by five degrees twice a second, which gives me a whole lot of time to think about setting my parents' oven dial with a flick of the wrist.

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