I think I know why I keep getting the Cartoon Adventures of Larry-Boy theme stuck in my head. It's because of how similar the Harley Quinn theme is in places.

Harley Quinn 2019: youtu.be/b9FfHLxtFNY

Larry-Boy 2002: youtu.be/BG-_-gBY2QM

An old schoolmate unironically called his guns "freedom seed dispensers" πŸ™„

🎡 he was a gamer boy
she said see you later boy
and that's why he's an incel now🎡

favs can have a little problematic, as a treat

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The meme potential of this image of the King of Sweden yelling at a handball match is unbelievable.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/bencjenkins/status

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown asks his portrait of Thomas Edison for advice "1.21 jigowatts! Tom, how on Earth am I going to generate that kind of power? It can't be done, can it?"

The guy should've studied Nikola Tesla. He's got more in common with him anyway. I'm sure that Tesla's ideas for harnessing the energy of the Earth itself would consider that amount of power a modest day's output.

Also how the hell have I been blogging about movies for 10 years and never covered one starring Meryl Streep?

I just realized that probably sometime this year my blog that reviews movies that are at least ten years old is going to have to add a 2010s category...

This Mexican hot chocolate is definitely worth rolling my desk chair into the kitchen so I can sit down while constantly stirring on the stovetop.

Disney+ warns of tobacco depictions in Cool Runnings like there aren't any weed references.

the fact that there are ten million different genres of music in 4/4 with drums and guitars but that a century of recorded music from literally hundreds of different countries is expected to just fit under the absurd "world music" umbrella tell you all you need to know about the white mindset

Tickets – $45 each

Plus $7 "ticket fee".

Plus $3 for delivery regardless of if you get it by email, print at home, snail mail, or Will Call.

Can I get a $55 no bullshit ticket, or does that add another $2 "no chain yanking" fee?

How many optometrists does it take to change a light bulb? One or two?


… or two?

Not everybody learns that the reason they were never satisfied with being a queen is because they were a god all along, but I think everyone has the potential to realize they've matured into being the one they've been waiting for, even if the specifics weren't what they expected.

Okay, upon review, Show Yourself isn't a reprise of Into The Unknown, but it is its B-Side, or probably more accurately, its Double A-Side.

Almost caught up on Doctor Who, Resolution 

Almost caught up on Doctor Who, Resolution 

Star Trek fanwank, slavery 

My employer tries very hard to keep people out of overtime (managers are instructed to schedule us for no more than 37 hours a week so that overages don't go into overtime), but everyone is expected to put in a lot of time for the week before Christmas because it's the busiest week of the year.

But because that check was paid in the new year, it's isolated in my overtime YTD and I can see that I earned almost twice as much overtime in the last pay period as I did in the whole year.

My girlfriend and I have been watching Merry Happy Whatever and it's a little like Netflix looked at The Ranch and said, "You know, if we make it a little less cowboy and a little more Christmas, we could make a killing!"

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