So relieved to have wifi in the new place and not burning metered data that I don't mind right now that it's Spectrum.

You know what would make sense from a user perspective? If my streaming/mirroring device could play stuff locally saved on my phone with just the ad-hoc wifi setup network, no internet connection necessary. But I have a Chromecast, so it needs me to set up my hotspot just to get started, and then I at least need to turn my data on to even start a new VLC stream of locally saved content.

So Fortnite is offline for most of this week because of in-game cataclysm?

american chuds really being like "omg china is so much like black mirror with their social credit scores" like they don’t have a credit score and a public offenses registry either

William Shatner (-) 

I still don't get why every micro SD card has to come with its own SD-sized adapter. I have like seven adapters now and I don't foresee ever needing more than one at a time.

Why is Amazon suggesting that I should get a new puzzle cube monthly? Do serious speedcubers really wear them out that fast?

I mean, I'm not going to. I want something to fiddle with that will spin easier than the cheap probably all-plastic cube from the 70s that my father let me play with as a kid.


Twitter is the people who are mad at Ellen for being friends with George Bush and Facebook is the people who are mad at George Bush for being friends with Ellen


This is pretty much the only podcast i follow that encodes chapters, so this is the first time I've seen the new chapter display in the big PocketCasts update. I like it. Note that the progress in the chapter is also shown on the chapter skip button.

nazis: *exist*
some dude in a band: the anti-fascists are the problem, actually

Every time I hear "Imagine", I sing along if I can, and every time the song gets to "I hope someday you'll join us", I have to stop singing because I'm trying not to cry.

Free speech as it has developed in the United States is the idea that expression is in itself an ethical good, and that what is expressed is an ethical indifferent.

If you can't see what's wrong with that, please reply below

The best pun groans come from puns in another language that you had to put in more effort than it deserved to understand. That is an earned groan.

At least, that's how I felt about this one.

The Rookie is (I assume) the only show on TV bold enough to ask the question, "what if Nathan Fillion was out of his depth trying to solve crimes with the NYPD, but we didn't have to pay Stana Katic to co-lead?"

TIL the studio originally wanted Stallone and Schwarzenegger for the central characters of Face/Off, but the director wanted Travolta and Cage instead.

Youtube actually showed me an ad I wanted to follow up on after the video, but at the end of the video it ran a postroll ad, so I had to find the company again on my own and Youtube didn't get the click.

The ad was for an online glasses shop promoting its nonslip technology. I followed up because I thought it might be budget eyewear, but it costs the same as what you get at the optometrist.

So I went to another store and bought 6 pairs of silicone earpiece grips for $5.

My desktop computer is Windows 10. The back office computer at work is Windows 10. I log into the back office machine much more often than I log into my laptop, but somehow whenever I sit down at either computer, I begin to type the other password.

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