I did the thing where I left my wireless headphones in my pants pocket and washed the pants for a third time in under a year. This time it was a set that was $15, not $40-80, but also it came out actually mostly functional? It just pairs like it's the first time every time, one of the buds is much quieter than the other, and the microphone is dead. But still fine for listening to podcasts.

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Bernie Sanders launches official sweatshirt sale of his iconic inauguration meme, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. πŸ‘

More: bit.ly/2Y7NUt4

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Panic moment where I thought I'd headache napped through the required (after-)work meeting this evening then I remembered it's tomorrow.

US politics, silencing hate 

you heard much about donald trump's thoughts since he was banned from social media?


that's because deplatforming works.

Something I never thought I'd hear called "baseball in its purest form": a hitter charging the mound over getting hit by pitch and the pitcher beating him to a pulp.

Don't cry because it happened, smile because it's over.

And also kick the ass of anyone who tries to make it happen again.

So, good Spock and Kirk+Spock episodes for a TOS taster. The Naked Time. Balance of Terror. Amok Time of course. This Side of Paradise. The Enterprise Incident. Does City on the Edge of Forever count as a Kirk and Spock centered story? I think that and Space Seed make a good package to watch before going into the movies.

Honorable mentions for Spock I'm not including for an introductory course: The Galileo Seven, The Menagerie, All Our Yesterdays, Spock's Brain, Is There in Truth No Beauty

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Almost two years ago, I showed my (now-)wife "The Trouble with Tribbles", and she fell asleep, so I figured that was the end of trying to show her Star Trek, or at least TOS. I'd been thinking lately that she'd appreciate the movies and some of the more exciting episodes of TNG and maybe even Deep Space Nine overall as I've gotten to know her taste.

Last week I showed her Galaxy Quest. Yesterday she told me she was interested in seeing more Star Trek, yes even TOS.

Lost over two hours of work, so of course today instead of getting straight into reconstructing what I lost, I started by spending two hours assembling the dual-monitor mount I got for Christmas.

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"Smart. Phone. Eh? What else can it do?"

"Well, you know how sometimes you need to know what a neo-nazi thinks about something, but you can't find one to talk to?"


"Well, with this technology, that's no longer a problem!"

Saw a movie from 2010 where the thing that makes someone believe the character is a spy is that his watch has a computer screen. Which is a thing that I've had for three years and my niece and nephews got for Christmas in 2019. Theirs even have cameras.

For some reason I get really itchy to watch TNG in the winter.

Fifteen years ago, I could only move on from one crush when I started crushing on somebody else.

Now it's starting to seem like I can only move on from one source of chronic pain when the next one starts up. Not looking forward to seeing what replaces this muscle pain in my hip and back.

My $250 big and tall office chair is an inch or two too low for me, but I think the casters on it are already tall enough that getting the "add up to three inches" casters I can find on Amazon aren't going to be enough, and when I look for pedestal extenders all I get are "drafting chair conversion kits", which would make it like four inches too high completely retracted. Only suggestion I'm seeing online is "get a seat cushion".

I can't remember what they called the CH, TH, PH, SH sounds in elementary school, but all I'm coming up with is "digraphs" which is definitely not it. Maybe it was "combinations"?

Anyway, that's why it's weird to me that Spanish teaches CH, LL, and RR as letters of the alphabet (or used to, the Spanish National Academy dropped CH and LL in 2010, and LL was never recognized that way in Europe). That is clearly two letters in a trenchcoat.

(BTW so was Γ‘. It started as a shorthand for NN)

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