Transcript/subtitle software wishes 

A thing that doesn't exist, but would greatly improve my workflow for shot logs is if I knew enough coding to bang together a kludge together of VLC and LibreOffice suite with all of InqScribe's customizable hotkeys & playback controls.

I think InqScribe can do rich text, but that's the limit, & when I do shot log work, I use spreadsheets (& maybe I should be using databases). So I end up bouncing between Inq & Calc, not much better than between VLC & Word.

Danny Pudi not playing Abed always looks weird, but apparently he can just look like short Jon Hamm any time he wants, and that's super weird.

It's just generally weird to see him not playing someone neuroatypical, but it's especially weird when he's aloof and wearing a suit.

Just did the math and realized Bush was still president when I graduated high school. College was a lifetime ago, but Obama's election was like three lifetimes ago.

now that scott adams has me blocked, i'm glad that i can still vicariously read his greatest hits through other people


Easy there, Big Brain Dilbert Man


I decided to take a 45-minute nap. Got up an hour and 45 minutes later. This is a marked success next to my 3.5 hour "one hour naps".

professional tools 3/2 

(SubtitleEdit instead of Notepad like I was about to do because while Notepad has better find and replace, Subtitle Edit makes it easier to snap from title to title.)

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This doesn't have that, so the easiest option that presented itself is to go through the whole thing with SubtitleEdit looking for <br /> tags, dropping into the title text, deleting the line break, and replacing it with the character that my script will later replace with a \n, which will correctly format it for the spreadsheet.

This would be much easier if I could just find and replace the <br />s, but they aren't really there. It's just how SE displays multi-line titles in one line. 2/2

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In today's episode of using professional tools incorrectly, I have a subtitle file that I need to convert into something I can paste into a spreadsheet. NP, I wrote a Python script for that a couple of years ago.
Except I wrote it specifically for an SRT that italicized absolutely everything, so I was able to catch the places where it broke titles into multiple lines with the <i> tags. 1/2

I should really finish Discovery S2 so I can rejoin the Star Trek discussion thread I used to frequent and stop having to look for other places to ask discussion questions like, "have we seen contemporary Starfleet crews wearing different uniform designs outside of the obvious early DS9/late TNG, Generations transition, late DS9/early VOY, and DIS between Discovery and Enterprise?"

Facebook recommended a WSJ op-ed that was basically "how DARE John Roberts side with 'the rule of law' over 'doing whatever we want because we can' in the abortion case? Clearly he's not a conservative with principals that lead him to make decisions he doesn't like, he must be a secret liberal activist".

Anyway, also today the Court decided it's fine for state money to go to religious schools.

Youtube: "there's a new Pannenkoek video for you!"
Me: "nice, but sometimes his stuff is pretty dry. What's it about?"
Youtube: "the title is 'Seeing the Unseen'"
Me: "hm, might be worth wa-"
Youtube: "It's over an hour long!"
Me: …

Amazing, I posted a payment to my Synchrony card on Friday evening and it actually posted on Saturday night. Most of the accounts I can make a payment on Thursday night and it won't clear until Monday afternoon because apparently bank computers don't work on weekends.

HDMI-CEC headache 

The CEC settings on the TV, streaming box, DVD player, and cable box all just say "CEC On/Off". I can't tell the TV to stop sending CEC power toggle commands, or even to stop listening to CEC commands on inactive inputs and just do without the automatic switchover or anything like that. It's all or nothing on every device.

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TV turns on when I turn on streaming box and off when I turn off streaming box: this is why I use CEC!

Streaming box turns on when I turn on TV and off when I turn off TV, if the TV is set to that input: not what I use it for, but I see the appeal.

TV automatically switches inputs when I turn on the DVD player: this can be pretty helpful.

The media box that turned on with the TV but switched to the DVD player shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity because I'm watching a DVD: WHY!!?!?

For all the stories of companies that end up declaring bankruptcy because private equity firms bought them on loans they transferred to the company, never managed to pay off, and then got sold by the PEC before the crash, are there any stories of this kind of shell game actually being something that directly helped the company? Seems like a magic trick of financial engineering that shouldn't be allowed.

Saw an article about how a Fox News pundit thinks Trump is intentionally trying to tank the election and I'm torn between "you really don't believe he can be that stupid and self indulgent, huh?" and "good point, he does seem to be living his worst life and might see this as the most face-saving way out".

Inspired by owning a thousand dollar couch with a wooden frame that might already be broken, which we have poisoned and starved a bedbug infestation out of, and which I'm really not looking forward to taking back down the stairs when we move out in a few months.

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What realities am I missing from this idea?

Furniture with frames built from modular aluminum pieces you can get from the hardware store, with padding and zippered removable upholstery covers.

Need to wash the fabric? Unzip and put it in the laundry.

Moving? Take off the cover and unscrew the bolts of the frame so you're not dealing with navigating a giant couch around three flights of stairs, just tubing and cushions.

Modularity also means easy replacement of broken pieces.


An economist walks into a bar and asks for a whiskey. The bartender tells her that actually preferences are stable over time and serves her a juicebox and a cupcake.


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