I've gotten decent at pruning Youtube's algorithm to not offer me videos I really don't want to see (and I've been using adblocking methods for months so I don't see political ads, PragerU, or any other ideologues buying their way to my screen), but now I'm recognizing that Facebook's algorithmic impression of me is a bit out of control. It's showing me way too much EV stuff because I kept clicking on those stories and fighting with people in the comments who think EV is a waste of time & money.

I suddenly really want an original series cast member to do a modern series cameo or, if they're up to it, full guest appearance, but crucially, not Shatner. I guess now that's down to Takei or Koenig unless I'm missing someone.

Inspired by Nichelle Nichols's Wikipedia page noting her archive recording appearance on Prodigy. The only cameo from that episode that was original audio was Gates McFadden, though they got pretty clever with their reuse of some Nimoy lines.

I was today years old when it was pointed out to me that "I've been working on the railroad" and "The Eyes of Texas" are the same tune. Which actually explains why the music in the ad with the UT alum kept referencing "I've been working on the railroad".

News article on Facebook: "Metta posted its first decline in trading value since going public ten years ago."

Me: "huh, kinda surprising it took this long since young people aren't using it, they've been having tons of privacy controversies, and changing their name didn't let them escape their bad press."


I am interested in subscribing to Nebula because all my favorite Youtube creators are on Nebula. Nebula is advertised as coming free with CuriosityStream. While I enjoy documentaries occasionally, I'm sure that I'd never use it if I subscribed.

CuriosityStream + Nebula price: $20 a *year*, less with promo codes.

Nebula on its own: $10 a *month*.


It's really annoying spending my whole life in the gap between "poor enough for public assistance" and "wealthy enough to afford stuff". We're a two-income household but most of my wife's income goes to supporting her family back home, so rent and most bills are on me, and every apartment that isn't like an hour away from our jobs but is actually in budget is income restricted and we earn between "too much" and "way too much" between us.

I started using Espanso to expand quick shorthand into snippets I commonly use at work. Today, I'm adding a bunch to the list and I just worked out how to add a match item that adds a template match item to the match file. This is what true power feels like.

Marvel is so embarrassed by the Ben Affleck Daredevil that it's on HBO Max, where DC stuff streams.

I'm kinda heartened by how Wendy Carlos was a trans musician in the 70s and yet nobody seems to really talk about her being trans outside of the context of "cool trans people you should know", but mostly they just talk about her music.

Disappointing. There are way too many horror trailer recuts of 50 First Dates on Youtube, but the ones that are closest to the right track have embarrassing editing and the ones that are better edited aren't telling the story I expect from "50 First Dates horror trailer".

Para aquellos que puedan estar interesados, he subido un subtítulo en español para Star Trek: The Motion Picture sincronizado con la nueva Edición del Director actualizada a 4K en 2022. Para aquellos que tienen los medios para usarlo, porque ya todavía solo está disponible legalmente transmitiendo en Paramount+, y no estoy seguro de qué regiones lo tienen.


Also kinda mad that I spent so long avoiding the toll roads in other cities because I didn't have a tag and didn't want to get one or be stuck paying cash.

As discussed, just driving through isn't a big deal and costs the same as paying cash, but also all the signage in the other city says that only Our Tag works, but after 3 years of avoiding the tolls in that city because I didn't want that tag, I come to find out that in fact, the major tag of my city does in fact cooperate with their tag.

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Moderately annoyed by toll collectors.

They call it a "violation" to take the tollway without a payment tag or paying cash, but you just get a bill in the mail that you can pay online. I expected there to be a big fine on top of the use rates, but you just maybe get charged a higher rate that's justified by the extra cost of identifying your plates and mailing you a physical bill. You only get a fine if you pay late and you only get a traffic citation if you still don't pay.

Not sure if I'm more relieved that I've made the first step in paying it, or that they've actually given me a sign in writing that I have the six-month payment plan in place. I had two very frustrating phone calls where a human looked at the information on their side and said I had until October, but I couldn't log into my account and the letter that was supposed to be mailed within two weeks never arrived.

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Took them two months to get around to it, but my IRS payment plan account is now fully functional and I just made my first payment.

I've got four months left to pay almost $900. I hope I never have to live on 1099 work again.

Put color in my beard for the first time. I was afraid it was going to be too dark, so I washed it out less than a minute after combing it in, then decided the lightest area needed more and took maybe two minutes until I washed it out. I think it's darker now, but it's still pretty subtle so, success?

The Queen doing a video with Paddington is only a little weird. The fact that it ends with the band outside for the Jubilee party playing the drum riff from We Will Rock You as she and Paddington tap their spoons on their teacups along with the music is truly baffling.

Question: I use Firefox on my computer at home and on my (Android) phone. I connect my phone to the work wifi, and on a very rare occasion, I'll log into my Gmail on my work computer on a Chrome guest profile.

Google and perhaps other trackers have a high confidence that my browsing habits on that machine, which mostly happen on the main Chrome profile which is logged into my employer's main Google account, correlate to the same user from the phone and the home computer, don't they?

How I seem to be forced to convert it (nuclear option):

Import video to After Effects.

Create half-height composition "Left".

Drag video into comp, move up so only one field fills the frame.

Repeat for other half of the frame.

Create full-height comp, drag the other two comps into it.

Double the height of the two comps in the new comp.

Mess with the RGB mixers to isolate RG from one side and B from the other.

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how I want to play this Half-Over-Under stereoscopic video on my TV: set Kodi to detect stereoscopic 3D, output in red-cyan anaglyph, enjoy. (Not something Kodi for Android TV boxes is capable of)

How I'd like to convert the file to anaglyph: Open file in VirtualDub, tell it it's Half OU and I want it to be red-cyan anaglyph, render. (found a filter, but it only works with SBS, found a tool that creates a job file, but VD is abominably slow and creates pretty garbage output)

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