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Millennials, quit whining. I paid off $150,000 in student loans and own a $400,000 home, because I SAVE. It’s not that hard. I
-Make coffee at home
-Bus instead of Uber
-Shop sales
-Had parents pay off my loans & buy me a house because I’m daddy’s special boy
-Got Hulu with ads

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Surprisingly easier to get up from the new couch after putting the four inch feet on it. With my bad ankle, I was sometimes just turning around and building up from kneeling on the floor.

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

Because Science made a community post on YouTube about the First All-Women Spacewalk.

Comments saying "BUt WhY Is iT iMpoRTaNT tHeY'rE woMEn? you ARen't sAYiNG WomEN Are inFERiOR?"; "i JusT sEe tWO QUALIFiEd AstroNaUTS, WhAt'S SpEcial AbOuT THIs?"; "viRTUE SiGnalInG!!!1¡!": ~150-500+ upvotes.

Comments seriously engaging in good faith with why it shouldn't be a big deal but is: ~5-30 upvotes.

Had I heard that Zachary Quinto is hosting In Search Of now? As in the show originally hosted by Leonard Nimoy?

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Voldemort didn't try to kill Harry Potter until he was 55
Darth Vader was nearly 40 when he built the Death Star
Hannibal was 52 when he escaped from captivity
Thanos was over 65 when he collected the infinity gems
Annie Wilkes was 44 when she found Paul

It's never too late ❤️

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Why do banks hate people giving them money? I've had over $900 in my pocket for most of the week because all the banks are closed by the time I'm off work and can get to them.

I got off early today and thought I could go to the credit union a couple blocks from my workplace. They're not in the network. OK, the chain branch on the way home. Internet says they're open until 6. Wrong branch. That one closes at 5, but I could make it to the one I was looking at. Oh, it's downtown. No good parking.

Five hours into a shift standing on a twisted ankle and the 27th customer asks me "how are you today?"


Actually Cookie is the scientist, you're thinking of the Cookie Monster.

So relieved to have wifi in the new place and not burning metered data that I don't mind right now that it's Spectrum.

You know what would make sense from a user perspective? If my streaming/mirroring device could play stuff locally saved on my phone with just the ad-hoc wifi setup network, no internet connection necessary. But I have a Chromecast, so it needs me to set up my hotspot just to get started, and then I at least need to turn my data on to even start a new VLC stream of locally saved content.

So Fortnite is offline for most of this week because of in-game cataclysm?

american chuds really being like "omg china is so much like black mirror with their social credit scores" like they don’t have a credit score and a public offenses registry either

William Shatner (-) 

I still don't get why every micro SD card has to come with its own SD-sized adapter. I have like seven adapters now and I don't foresee ever needing more than one at a time.

Why is Amazon suggesting that I should get a new puzzle cube monthly? Do serious speedcubers really wear them out that fast?

I mean, I'm not going to. I want something to fiddle with that will spin easier than the cheap probably all-plastic cube from the 70s that my father let me play with as a kid.

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