Sockwatch final update: they are here, they fit more loosely than my regular socks, but not quite as loosely as I'd hoped, there's a big seam in the toe that's a little annoying. They are soft and fuzzy.

The stupidest thing is that I found out about Ginsburg from a Youtube comment on Jessie Gender's video review of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Dammit all, donating money is more effective than writing to my senators to try to tell them to not do whatever Mitch and Don want.

Sent $60 to Biden
Sent $15 to MJ Hegar for Senate
Sent $25 to Get Mitch Or Die Trying supergroup donation thing.

*raises hand* Would it be possible to add disk functionality to a PS5 Digital by adding an external bluray drive?

(I assume there's something screwy with the playstation gamedisc spec that says no)

When you want to show that something is indestructible, you show weapons shattering on it. Weapons that would probably be incredibly brittle if they would shatter under just a full power swing. I wonder what kind of effect a thing like that would have to exert to make things instantly brittle.

I have never watched a full episode of Dora The Explorer, but I saw some gifs from the movie that interested me, so.

Opening: oh wow they're really committing to making a live action cartoon. Oh wait, that was just an imagination sequence because they can't really do Backpack, Boots, and Swiper. Fair.

Like 20 minutes later: Swiper is working for the mercenaries. No explanation, he's just there and stealing the map.

About an hour in: giant flower spores that turn them into cartoons???

Apparently you can keep the $30 a month after the first term if you prepay for a year at a time instead of three months at a time, but who can just drop $360 on cellular service at once?

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Fi wireless: $20 for unlimited T&T, $10/GB. I have wifi at home and at work, so I rarely use more than 1 GB in a month.

Mint: hey, we've got an unlimited plan for $30 a month* now!

Me: that might be worthwhile for de-Googling my cellular.

Mint: it's $40 a month after the introductory period ends, and you agree to let us limit your video streams to 480. Also you can only hotspot up to 5GB next to Fi's "data is data is data" approach to tethering.

Me: I cannot, on principle, agree to that.

I watch Captain Midnight video essays on Youtube sometimes when it's on a topic I'm interested in, but lately the channel seems to have been corrupted by the Algorithm's lust for Thing Is A Disgrace videos. My Recs were trying hard to get me to watch the video on the Live Action ATLA fiasco, which sure looks without giving it the views like it's drinking from the "all the worst things you can imagine are true, so you're justified in pre-hating it" well, and now there's "Mulan is a Trainwreck".

Listened to a whole news story about "thirty years ago" mentally placing it in the mid to late 70s. πŸ˜‘

I am the old.

Ad for a laser depilator Facebook served me for some reason looks familiar.

I keep seeing people's satisfying "I *am* the manager" stories and you know what has happened pretty much every time someone's asked me for the manager since I became the store manager?

"Okay, get YOUR manager to authorize my special treatment then."


β€œif you don’t like this country, leave!” bro I am banging on the back of every wardrobe hoping Narnia will grant me asylum


After an hour and a half of not finding many socks that look stylish and warm above size 13, I selected some "plush slipper bed fuzzy socks" fitting size 10-14. I'm right in the middle of that size range, so they won't be as loose as I want, but they will fit and they will be soft and warm and not super tight.

Me with size 11.5 extra wide feet: come on, there's gotta be plus size fuzzy socks out there. I want something really baggy.
Like five reviews on this one pair of socks: "These are really big! I have size seven feet."

I don't think I've had baggy wool socks since I was a kid, and it's occurred to me that that's what I want to keep my feet warm around the house. I don't want slippers with stiff soles, and since I've been picking my own socks, I've been getting tight, thin ankle socks, which are better than nothing for the cold, but not great. But what I want is basically mittens for my feet.

They would never have been this self-aware, but you know what makes more sense than Kes coming back randomly to blow up Voyager because she was Remembering it Wrong, or for a seasoned time cop going mad because cleaning up after Janeway was the last straw?

Warped from years of being Voyager's Designated Sufferer, an ensign dealing with stuff a full commander should be doing, Future Harry Kim decides that making his life better begins with blowing up Voyager in spacedock.


Yesterday I had a lot of retweets and reddit posts and such for playing Doom on a pregnancy test.
But as I explained then, it wasn't really PLAYING on a pregnancy test, it was just a video being played back, not an interactive game.

Well, now it is. It's Pregnancy Test Doom!


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