Aw heck, Pocket Casts is now free!
NPR and a few other public radio stations bought it a bit ago, and they're opening it up to make sure everyone has access to an extremely high quality ad-free podcast client, with all the features you need to listen comfortably, the way you should be able to. (Custom skip times, custom playspeeds, white space cutting, intro cutting, etc.)
I appreciate that so much. I've used it for years and years while it was paid, and it's by far the best client out there, imo. I recommend it.

People who used to pay for it get a lifetime membership to "plus" service, which adds like, two pointless things. (Icon themes and a small file cloud you can keep some of your own mp3s on.) It's hilarious how pointless Plus is, I think they just want to give us oldies something as a mark of appreciation, and give others a way to financially support them if they want. Which is nice.

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@V it was going to be three years of Plus, but the main attraction of Plus is the web player, and people who'd paid the one time cost for the web player weren't happy to be told that they'd be getting it taken away from them in three years.

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