Oh, in other news, there's a group on facebook on a crusade to shut down a bunch of comms and lots of hubby's comms are going on lockdown. One considering finding another platform.

I'm just sitting over here going "psst, " every now and again.

@vamp ...Do people still think that we're in the 1980s, or are they the other sort of jerk who hate when people have fun?

@ToonLink fuck knows. Seems kinda like the old lj crusades that led to strikethrough to me. Hopefully some good will come out of it and that community will decentralise.

One by one, we'll get them ;)

@vamp I know there's a tabletop Mastodon instance, but Hubzilla seems excellent for something more lomgform and versatile!

@lj_writes for as close to a 1:1 replacement as possible, hubzilla would do very well, I reckon. They're not twitterers, these guys, so I doubt masto would fill the hole

(hubs has a masto acc on the tabletop instance, and he doesn't use it)

@vamp wish Hubzilla were easier to set up, there would be more instances if it were.

@lj_writes um, I set it up, found it pretty easy (with @demitas instructions). And I'm not that clever.

@vamp @demitas somehow I got the impression it was hell to set up, maybe I'm mistaken!

@lj_writes @demitas instructions really are VERY good. Step by step kinda deal. That's what a lot of self-hosted stuff lacks, I find. I really want my own nextcloud, but all the how-to is kinda... terrifying.

@vamp @demitas ooh that is extremely intriguing 👀 *scurries off to find out more about Hubzilla*

NextCloud setup 

@vamp @lj_writes I installed NextCloud on DigitalOcean, knowing almost nothing about VPS setup. There is DigitalOcean NextCloud setup documentation here:

(In general I've been really happy with DigitalOcean's documentation.)

The biggest problem I ran into was I thought I'd use nginx instead of Apache because I know it a tiny bit better. If you follow the instructions you shouldn't have my problem there lol.

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