So I finished my yearly entire-series-to-date rewatch last night. As always, now there's the whole 'what the fuck do I do now' period to come.

And I honestly don't know. I've got a season of Preacher to watch, but that'll only take a couple days, and then it'll be like ??? all over again.

@hit_the_books towards the end of when s14 was airing? I always try to wait till a season has ended but I never can. I miss my boys too much whenever there's even a short hiatus *eyeroll*

(I took a couple short breaks to watch a couple seasons of Preacher and a crapton of BBC Brian Cox things in that time)

Ooh okay. Yeah, I started rewatching late and I'm still only in S1 and watching other stuff as well.

Wow, every year? I'm wrapping up season 10, myself. It seemed like it took a long time to get to that point, even skipping eps.

@gold_pen_leaps yeah, it does take a while. I don't tend to skip eps. Except sometimes Wendigo. Not sure why I'm not keen about that ep.

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